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Neil or Gunnar are you in a position where you can just you can you can talk for a hot second last night I was downstairs man and I had left my phone upstairs when I came upstairs she had called me up and I notice that you know she was a little upset a she was like somebody's texting you SO when I looked down at the phone it has me on a day there's a girl named mia okay the text was like you know are you still coming out Hey so I told her dad that was you because it comes up and you Neil why would you put my name in there anyway like that kind of crazy will you do this for me bro a man out Neil your you Kerr yells I'm sorry man I you really I mean that by now you for you all me define my account is not what I do next time I call you mean we will be on the phone together I do you know neo Big Boy Hey Neil I got my wife Veronica on the phone with us you know how do you had text me last night yeah what can detect thank god I know it's kinda late later who I heard a girl on the phone she had called you last night if you it takes me okay if I mean the bulls I normally am off on my P. A. her name is mia I wanted to come to listen to the stuff that was all my gut tells me different it sounds like you're both line baby can I come home and talk to you right now no no you're not lying what good would be lying to you do me a Neil you don't you know my partner Lou Lou say right do you know what to say does a day in the media let you know and I said you knew DJ.

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