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About the busy auburn way south troy troy and aubrey man lost his life riding his bike where he was supposed to be safe in the crosswalk auburn police traffic investigators recreated where the bike was before they say a car hit the man in his fifties lot of people have been hit on this road police say the driver says he didn't see the cyclist in the crosswalk because he was blocked by cars in the next lane kosher to stop how he didn't see the light light splash they go crazy neighbors like roger lopez say when they saw the bike in the road sadly they weren't surprised police say the crosswalk was installed about a year ago neighbors see before that the speeders worse but now drivers need to slow down way before they reach the crosswalk on the busy road for those crossing auburn way south an overabundance of caution is a must just be dangerous road while we have them that's komo's tammy matassa komo news time is one three four aaa traffic every ten minutes on the fours justin davis how are the roads looking looking a little bit better in lynnwood southbound five hundred twentieth way to crash blocking the right lane that is now out of our way and there's just a bit slow back to the alderwood mall from their bitch be clear now shortly also clear on north five and mount vernon anderson road we had a stall taking up the left lane that is now out of our way as well still working on a collision in auburn eastbound eighteen to just before one six seven blocking the right lane also still partially blocking the left lane things are still pretty heavy now all the way back to the i five junction from there we slip revive i five roadwork the has north five shutdown between the west seattle bridge up to olive way as you slow on northbound four zero five.

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