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Donor network in Culver Academy. Beats south in ST Joe Tonight. 27 14, Andy Doral joins me, Andy been awhile since we've talked. Congratulations on a great win tonight. Thank you, Bob. It's been a long season, So I had to have something positive about. Well, you say I'm great. Your kids must have played well, they did. We executed extremely well jumped out to a 40 No leads. First quarter and then scored two more in the third and then ended up winning 27 to 14. Well, you mentioned that your kids have been up and down. It's been kind of a crazy year for everyone. And maybe this is that game. You need to get some moment. Um, heading into the tournament that we were looking to that take advantage of exactly what you're talking about that moment. Um and we're healthy right now. Our kids, our understanding of the schemes were trying to run execute a much better level that we get earlier in the year. I will tell me who steps up in place particularly well tonight coach their tailback AIPAC ran the ball extremely hard, broke a long touchdown run the third quarter. Really kind of iced the game for us. Our quarterback Johnny Johnny continues to improve. Read the option and, you know, dynamic playmaker Forest. Jackson Mall continues to be our most dynamic athlete. He had a nice touchdown run, but I was also extremely pleased, flocking on the perimeter. Really unselfish place with so many guys night. Andi just grateful that these young men are enjoying playing football team to improve. Why? Who do you wrap up with next week? Andy, we go to India here in Catholic and I don't know if there are they're horrible opponent. No doubt such Billy always did a great job right? His kids ready. So we're gonna have a long road trip. We are going to roll. We move into the playoffs. Culver Academies tonight 27 14 Winters Over south in ST Joe and he Dural. It's always great to talk to you in Good luck next week. Thanks for all you do for high school football, I appreciate the kind words Thank you very much. Rob Counter joins me. Working the PPA tonight at the Brownsburg Noblesville game. Brass work numbers four and six A 29 8 winners over the Miller's rob contents. Brownsburg flexing their muscles little bit tonight. Yeah, I did. Coach. It took him about a corner to figure out the noble Ville offense for those noble Phil. They just love to run the ball and all game long, they'll have three running backs in the backfield. And it's a pick and choose who they hand it off to man. A couple of trick plays. It took about a quarter Brownsburg with only up seven nothing after the first quarter, but their defense really kicked in, made a couple of good stops on fourth down. Their offense, then took over there in the second quarter cave Garner rushed really well for Brownsburg tonight. Hey, had a couple of touchdowns. Brownsburg was up. 20 wanted nothing at halftime and then once again a great defense. Hi Brownsburg. Couple of tax upload another stop on fourth down, and then Brandon Burkes also had a good game. On the ground for the bulldog. He scored his tent rushing touchdown of the season, and it's because Caleb markets he's only a soft or even the lead guy on the ground for Brownsburg. He was actually out with an injury. He was in a boot. Nothing serious, but I just want to take it easy. Give him the night off. So that way he is ready to go for the regular season closer next week, so they turned to a couple of the running back. Did really well in the ground, But I think the most exciting part about tonight game there was a senior and I at Brownsburg. They have almost 30 seniors on their team. The Brandenburg scores a touchdown puts Brown 27 nothing late third quarter. Coach. Heart decide We're going to go for two. Let's have some fun they put in a team shore a senior often find Rob. Hang on. Keep that thought. All right, We need to go to the shore break. We'll come back with talk more with rob content and the wind that Branzburg has over nobles, ill. Or back on Indiana sports stuff. 911. What's your emergency in an emergency voice his best. But what if you can't call domestic reported east of downtown, Be advised alert was received by a 911 diversity. Text colorist fighting. When the situation is too dangerous to make a call text to 900 capability now helps Hoosiers but in most emergencies, voices still my sister's breathing Now over 600 times a day Hoosiers used text for 911 text is beneficial.

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