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But i think it's very tough to see the independent irish returning to the playoff In twenty twenty one just based off how much turnover the roster is going to have this year. They lose ian book. Who was one of the better quarterbacks. They've had in quite some time the lose profile players like jeremiah. Woo core mora. Who went to nfl and they lose. Four starting offensive lineman to the league into graduation. So that's just too much turnover for them. I think. Brian kelly regresses a little bit and notre dame falls back to notre dame at number seven. We've got texas am They really feel like a team. That will make a big splash in the sec. This year i think the way they finished off last year jimbo fisher leading them. They finished fifth in the cold football player voting last season. I think you could make an argument of for them to go in over notre dame. They're going to have a little bit of quarterback competition they gotta replaced kellyn mon who got drafted by the minnesota vikings this year Three and have a quarterback competition between zach calzada and hanes kin. Then you've got you've got home games against missouri south carolina auburn and alabama to All home for texas. Am so if they can win those games they can win the auburn and alabama games at home. Which is a very tough place to play in college station. Then i think i can see the aggies taking that next step Even above a team like georgia in some ways depending on how the season plays out a number eight. We've got the florida gators. You've got quarterback cow. Trask gone you've got tight end. Kyle pits gone. You've got canarias. Tony gone There's new quarterback in town emory jones. He's going to be under center for them and have a big challenge and rebuilding their offensive line but their defense should be loaded this year and in a weaker. Sec east think they can easily win that division with talent that they have Dan mullen has done a great job. Coaching them up and it had a great season last year. That a lot of guys who got to see some big time games. They gave alabama one of the tougher matchups. They've had all year. That was a really good game against bama and they played them closer than any team in the playoff really did In that sec championship. So you got the experience there. You got the head coach. Who's who's doing a good job. It's again cultural ball. You never really know just with all the turnover and the projection that you're doing with some of these guys we've never seen play so number nine little bit of surprise but iowa state. They really made a big splash. Last year it would be their highest. Preseason ranking ever but they really came on strong last season. I mean they were big twelve champs that eight one record and they got a great head coach in matt campbell who i really heard of before last season but after winning the big twelve really kind of making a name for the iowa state program that campbell. He's establishing a culture there for the cyclones. And it's it's something cool to see some some finally some competition for the the oklahoma sooners. Who have been untouchable in the big twelve. But he's a promising young head coach. That is doing a great job. They've got quarterback brock purdy who's Returning he's a senior leader that opted to return. They've got tight end chase allen who's gonna make some big plays for them offensive lineman sean foster and tight end. Charlie cole are long with linebacker. Mike rose all coming back. You'd pretty with twenty seven hundred yards sixty six percent. Completion percentage nineteen touchdowns and nine interceptions last year He's a guy that we could see. maybe moving onto some draft boards with his play. If you really prove himself next season number ten we've got the cincinnati bearcats that comes to a little bit of surprise to me but again a team that played really well throughout the season last year into the into their bowl game they showed they can play with with some of the bigger teams in the in the power five conferences. When with their bowl game they barely lost georgia. It was a great game last second field. Goal georgia it. But i think we really have a shot at a non power five team making the final four i know. Coastal carolina could make a splash. They've got some really good returning players. But cincinnati is a non power five team to look out for this year. I really truly believe that desmond ritter. He's returning they had to kind of rebuild that front seven. But you have a future. Nfl player in their cornerback ahmad garner and they have some chances to really put some signature wins on the resume this year. Which is something you don't normally see from these non power five teams you've got you get to play indiana on the road and you always get to play notre dame on the road so if cincinnati is able to run the table and after they proved they can play last year with with. Sec teams with top top sec teams. Than i think the ncaa or the college football playoff committee could have its hand tied hands tied in determining who The final four teams are. I think cincinnati could have that last spot if they run the table. Now there are some other players to look for this year. You've got michael. Peeks junior out of indiana. He played very well in some stretches. Last year indiana. They showed a lot of toughness last season. They finished second in the big ten. They were six in one overall We'll also have opportunities to get signature wins on their resume against iowa on the road penn state on the road and they've also got ohio state at home so a lot of chances to possibly kind of get some signature wins on their resume. So other guys to look out for you've got sam. How from north carolina. He really is is a thing. He's the highest protected quarterback in for the twenty twenty two draft. Nfl draft He's really talented. I'm not so sure. How good north carolina's gonna be. They play virginia tech the first week of the season on friday. I think that's could be a great game but not mack brown. The former texas coach is really starting to recruit there so we're going to see a lot of the younger guys play for them How how does historic freshman year. And then last year he improved his completion percentage by seven percent and then his yards per pass attempt by two almost two four yards. A shows a lot of growth in that in that perspective and then got also talk. About how much offense at talent they're losing guys like das- newsom The lose their really good running back. I forget his name but getting a lot of offensive talent lost. But again you got a lot of good recruits coming in that mack brown was able to get some of those higher recruiting classes that we saw him pull in. So we'll see how that goes. In chapel hill you got bijon. Robinson will more guy to look out for texas running back Don't sleep. on. The longhorns. With steve sarkissian who just lead one of the most historic offenses in college football For alabama he got the head coaching job at texas I think the longhorns could make a big splash. It probably will take some time after they have fired. Tom herman herman but the town is there. He rushed for three hundred fifty five yards on nineteen carries against kansas state and colorado Hit a of seven hundred three yards on eighty six rushes in those two games for the final two games that season and again with steve starkey coming in. I think he's gonna find a lot of creative ways to Use him like he was able to use. Nashi harris last year as the lead back in alabama so. I think texas could be backed at the age. Old question is texas back. So that's my college football preview. i will get into more of that as the off season progresses. But next i'm going to get into some over under totals for the nfl. I'm gonna get into each team's all thirty. Two teams over underwent total set by vegas. So far and i'm going to bet or predict over under on that line starting with the lowest i will get to that right after this commercial break once again. You are listening to the gmc football podcast presented by the golden state media concepts. I'm your host white krieger. They you for listening. And i'll be right back after this quick.

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