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Where basically none of these senators really wanted these women to testify they founded uncomfortable they didn't want to live with the consequences and biden among them his staffers have told me in the years subsequently did he really just he didn't want to be responsible for stopping clarence thomas from joining the supreme court why not well i think you know you'd have to go back through this time in this time capsule uh there was a feeling i was told that some of the allegations against clarence thomas word that he was a an avid fan of pornography spoken about it since his law school days to people these kept a huge collection of playboys around in his in his home and there was this sense that that that biden had that this was a private a man's private area and a man should be able to do what he wanted to do in his private time and it shouldn't be pertinent so there was that kind of issue but of course at the time biden was already quite ambitious and thinking of running for president and one of his staffers told me in more recent years that he just didn't wanted on his shoulders that he had stopped a black man from being confirmed to the supreme court so when you reinvestigated this story you you talked to a lot of people who did not testify who had information that basically corroborated anita hill's story wicket would you share some of that with us we'll yeah i and i think to this day i think if those witnesses had testified clarence thomas would not have been confirmed to the supreme court so it's a really momentous be hearing and and the fact that they didn't testify was a tremendous decision that really mattered there was someone into angela wright who had worked with clarence thomas and had subsequently gone on to become an deputy metro editor at an a newspaper in north carolina and she had written a kind of a a trial column.

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