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With riggins on the tj. Show the top trending topic this morning alec baldwin. This story is terrible crazy. He's on the set of a movie. He's producing called rust yesterday in new mexico and he the reports are saying that he had a prop gun which in doing some research. There really isn't such a thing that fires called a prop gun. That's like something you just have on your hip. That's not a real gun. These are real guns. They didn't have blanks in them But he discharged the gun. During a rehearsal for a scene and killed a woman named elena hutchins who was working on set also injured the director. He was they were both airlifted to the hospital. He is survived. He has survived She unfortunately passed away. It's just a crazy story but the blanks in the gun. Usually that injury comes from close point blank firing of a of a blank because it still has gunpowder and it causes an explosion and all of that there was an actor when we were kids That was on a show called cagney and lacey and then he had just gotten a big movie roles his first movie role and he was onset. One day playing around. They handed him a gun. And he said oh it's got blanks. And he put it up to his head and pulled the trigger and it killed him so blanks can't kill people. I've seen one story said the gun actually had live rounds in it. The other other has have said that it's blanks but there are pictures of alec baldwin on the set after talking to the police. And i mean i don't even know he looked so distraught. I'm gonna obviously you can. You can only imagine you accidentally killed someone through through no fault of his own. Yeah you know there's a special effects person enhance him a gun that he's it a thousand times on the sets of movies fired these types of guns and it just just some kind of a weird freak accident thing. Probably get the director cinematographer. Yeah that's what. I factor would be more understated fired in malfunction or whatever and killed another actor when he was trying to shoot at in the in the film. I know they're gonna know more today. But i wondered if there was just one of those scenes where he was. They were maybe shooting just him in a close up and he was just firing off about and do he fired twice. When it went off it happened to hit. The two of them and people are also talking about brandon. Lee something similar very same thing. Grow so very unfortunate. Yeah that's kind of happened late yesterday into this morning and police have determined that those remains found in florida. Are those of brian laundry. So he is dead. They found bones and decomposing skull. I think is they say. It's better animal activity as well. So that may have impacted what happened to the body and the remains. There is a backpack. they haven't said anything. Everybody's hopeful that there's some type of note in the backpack that tells more gives details about why everything happened with gabby petito but as of now just appears as if his he found his remains in case closed now. They've got some questions for the parents. Some questions for the parents because the dad is the one that led them to the area where they found those remains and they wanna know. How was that an accident. What exactly transpired what's going on there. That is what's now trending. There's more ac dj coming up. We have a very special new member of the ace and tj radio family now. it's joshua's farmers market in mooresville. And you're looking for the very best in fresh produce and all kinds of other stuff. It's josh's farmers market one. Seventy jovi knox avenue mooresville by the why with today's high demand for companies to find good people as tj dot com has launched a help wanted section and our friends at the von drill corporation. Have immediate openings. Learn more and apply today at a c. j. dot coms new help wanted section now. Tj all week long. We've been following the saga of the rob's move as he's in the process of moving in with his girlfriend From where he lives now with his cousin into a house with his girlfriend. So you you pretty much finished the big stuff yesterday. Rob you got the last of the individually heavy things. I mean sure you got your video game. System hooked up to the tv in the living room and she's cool with you putting it in the living room. Yeah okay okay. Well what does all that stuff in your office speak. That's my computer. And i also have an xbox in there as well to to video game systems fully hooked up and ready to go. Oh yeah and. I think it's hilarious. That he calls it. His office will do work in. And why is the nerd and you disappointed in your setup. it's because my tv only has one Hdmi slot that supports hd. Are adobe vision. I had to pick and choose which one which one hooks up to that to get the best resolution. How disappointed like looking at him talking about. He's so does the point loser. Loser wouldn't even that. Wouldn't even say that invoke nerd card one hd line slot in no dobie. Your tv has offers more obviously. Yeah tom no. Your parents are ashamed that you never made anything of yourself. Yeah one hd a muslim so can you imagine. Here's the thing that jumped out at me. Though about rob situation tonight so rob is. You're staying at the house tonight right. Yeah for the first time and his girlfriend. There's going to be out of town for nephew's birthday so this is the first time since you live with your parents that you will have spent a night alone. Yeah because my cousin never leaves his house so he's always there at least at night and that was his roommate for up until now right the room itself rob. You can't save. Everybody could shoot a separate room. But reagan's at elect our stereotype other with their mouths. Agape i read that this morning has was like wow but the thing is the part that i got out of that. The most is that. You're worried that it's going to creep you out. I i mean. Just because it's it's i i've never i haven't done anything so long. It's the best thing ever in life. Spooky season two and you're not. Your house is haunted or not. I don't know yet. I'll find out but since you've lived with your parents. This is the first time you will spend the night completely in the house alone right and with my parents. It was probably a good ten years before that because My dad can't really travel anymore so so so you probably have not spent a night alone in a house. All by yourself in over sixteen years. I would say that's probably very accurate. Yeah oh my god rob. That is crazy and it could be longer than that but estimate about sixteen years problem. Are you nervous or anything. I don't know if it's nervous more more more than just like i don't know what to be. Yeah why oh. My god rob even deal with him right. How can i even know what to be. When i have been that ever since the new situation for me. Have you developed a plan for the evening. I'm not watching halloween. I i was going to you but my god. You're such a wimp. Dally rob are you serious. What about your noises afterwards noises. No one's here with the box fan and the noise regime and xbox computer screens just the just the generic home from all the electronics hooked up with that houses is enough to any noise. Should document that on your story. Well i would but there's too much trash in the house and whatnot like having pictures of that up. Oh.

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