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The trunk podcast this is the Eddie Trunk Podcast all right as I mentioned this happened about two weeks ago at the new Sirius Xm studios in Los Angeles. Dave Navarro of Jane's Addiction. Dave the TV show ink master which hosts also talks in the interview about thinking about doing a solo record Stephen Pierce with the new lineup of rat that he's out there working we talk a little bit about that but really just a fun hang of Dave who's clearly a rat fan and Stephen having some fun with Dave and it all went down on my show oh trunk nation on volume in our La Studios about a week a week and a half ago so enjoy on the trunk podcast in corner one ladies and gentlemen it thrilled that there's cameras in here that he didn't end this was not this was not in the agreement three camera shoot Stephen can attest Varo is here to see you my man yes and to my right is our good friend that was just on with us from the rainbow not too long ago Mr Stephen Peercy of rat Elo thank you for coming in relatively early here by La Standards No I'm actually up at like four am every day but you've been spending a lotta time on the East Coast Yeah but I wake up store and I just I find that to be the most peaceful time there's no phones there's no there's nothing going on I can chill I can smoke outside you can make a painting God's died so I can see what it looks like outside before the sun really starts being aggressive you wake up Europe early to Oh yeah really yeah we don't sleep yeah you just add about two hours lucky last night yeah me too but for reasons unrelated to they were doing work around my hotel outside isn't that amazing how many as stephen how many times have you been in hotels and the fire alarm has gone off l. man you have to leave and finally just don't leave anymore yeah right yeah many many many men after years years during the chase the hotel out nice things happened like consistently two people stand different hotels every night and we have a we we have a books between us of just only hotel room incidents really oh yeah what what was the strangest one slots on the the lamp snot on the lamp shades you know and with the strangest one had to be whoever took my room after I left were you guys just played this past weekend in Oklahoma Grand Casino yes and I was there a week before I texted you because I was there a week prior because I did something with deep purple at a different place there but in that town and I'm in my room and it's very nice place I'm not disparaging the venue or the the rooms but I will say in the bed and I'm looking up by the vent and I see like what I thought was a cloud would of maybe dirt or something that had formed on the ceiling and on closer inspection it was black mold and that's not good you wanted they gave me the game the heads up I said hey it's a really nice place but my room had black mold in it but it's it's slightly metal though right isn't there okay blackmore I'm saying that's the new new bands yes I gave you the heads up and say hey so you don't you don't know what are bedbugs still a finger they are well here's the here's a secret is you get tight with housekeeping and they know everything the era I think about the show they walk into every day not even from like guys like us they they will walk into stuff like bodies dead people crime scenes like complete people shouldn't you know yeah people doing fetish shit room out and bouncing makes us look like lightweights and they're like arms you're we we think you're the greatest you know what I mean every customer as I keep my shit tight you know what I mean and then 'cause I figure the more the more organized I am in my room the less likely I am to leave something in there yeah you guys ever in the back in the good old days where you guys ever hotel room destroyers did you go through that ritual at some point Stephen Now it just happens you know it just happened Oh you mean it happened but it wasn't premeditated and it wasn't premeditated you did it though well I mean you just get sloppy because wor yeah you know out of Control I would say that we the hotel destroyers after the fact yeah hindsight but we weren't like out like Hey let's be punk rock and destroy a hotel we just had people over after the show and he got out of hand and then coming off the walls and lampshades or anybody ever do the TV out the window bit I have that where is it not Brentwood where the president stays all the time in L. A. At one hotel Elton I don't I don't know certain sensory city no no century here's an invited me neither I don't Wanna I had to do it there why I don't know I just had the urge because he was visting system man I wasn't on the road I was I used to stay at hotels who are no I I had a house he lives I had a house hotel on the throne televisions out of my own window out of my house twenty about Stevens is he's born and raised southern California hotel you're why we're even in a hotel I used to like I had a house but I would just always stay in hotel I do that just just destroy him you know close the bar down at four in the nine he's that was the big the big thing for me was like all right you guys can reach me I'll answer my cell phone and you can get a hold of me but I'm not telling you I am really Oh yeah for months at a time because you were getting higher suck yet I know you weren't yeah the deal was like to my family and friends like here's the deal I'm okay and I promised answer the phone so you don't have to worry if that's your thing but if you're going to worry then I got all like Alan on down because I had too much information then you're gonNA worry that's on you you have the choice whether or not you want to choose to put that in your life and I got all heady on into the phone I'll honor you and I'll let you know okay but I ain't telling you where am I being argyle I'd be at At the height house whatever just chilling riot house the riot back in the day and it was cool which is called what the end is or something this is probably not interesting for your listeners but if you wanna get into that iron maiden things just a squash that once well we did the last top twenty was iron maiden and you had said what a big iron maiden you claim to be the seventh member of the band I don't blame it I am you are the seven member of they don't know they know they know they know so what what would be do you have a list or no Sheikh or would you like to say to say about the list is I saw your list and I I apologize to you and the show I was supposed to submit a list right so that was nothing's going on I get it it's okay but I I always have time to write down twenty things right who doesn't have time for that so I apologize so I get Eddie's master compiled lists my personal with the graphics and this is what Eddie thinks this is how it should be and I'm looking I'm looking I'm looking at my collusive Bruce's favorite song do okay backing out the fact that I didn't have armageddon married or were you okay with much of the other list once got into the past power slave stuff there wasn't even much of that but like wasting a great Song Morello our mutual buddy who he and I always say it's any iron maiden song is better than most but for iron maiden if I'm going to judge them against themselves it's not a great what are you GonNa first four albums pretty much the whole way I'll I will I will go up to power slave you'll go through power sleep Hallier okay all right aces high and right arose out on the I think that's yeah yeah you're right when but I don't know anything all I know is like don't play with matches is one of them yeah not play with matches that's all burn this thing down the PSA children yes madness I'm sorry I don't play with matches let me let me ask you this so dave you were saying that you would go see rat back in a day in the club's when was the first your first memory of seeing Pearson rat well I saw rat in the Troubadour I saw rat lottery at the rocks Hey this is is just in high school and it was before out of the cellar came out yeah the eighty three okay so it was eighty three right and they know out of the cellar was about to come out and is there with my high school friends and you know Steven his live and he's like new record coming on you would do whatever your voice is yeah I don't even know the seller and we couldn't hear him we looked at each other and he's like it's called album seller guys are really confident about this is going to be great I can't wait for album seller and it came out we couldn't hear them and so we went to the story of the day came out and it was like oh out of the cellar yes a lot more sense so back in those days I used to go see rat and then sadly many years later I ended up in Rehab my roommate was Robbin crosby ah yeah so we were we were struggling are addictions together he was a great support a great system of support from me we were for each other actually so you you'd befriended each other. Oh Yeah I mean they stuck us in the same room because we were musicians we had guitars and you're in you know you know in the same field and they felt that you know we would gel gel and we did and he was just the sweetest guy yeah and you know I never I never knew him loaded on obviously I only knew him on that month that we spend in treatment together but that was really sad when he went and we just we just did this bowie tribute the other night with my above ground organization all the proceeds go to mental health and for rock and roll suicide the last song we showed all of our lost friends and Robin was among them yeah wait so we gave a little tribute to him about two weeks ago during Robin Pass Away I don't believe those two thousand seven no I couldn't tell you actually yeah I it was ninety seven I don't know Stephen US you were in Rehab in early one thousand nine hundred ninety so like we're in like I don't I've lost decades in my life since then so it's it's hard for me to give you a numbers Steven you said to me on more than one occasion that went robin went at that that's what you felt really changed the whole sort of balance of rat that it was a it was really yes of course a personal thing for his family and friends but as far as the band itself that that was a real sort of game changer for the hit for the path of the band can you elaborate on that yeah well I mean what I heard I just went for a walk into said well that's that chapter is never going to be the same we go out and Jack off you know so to speak and keep the brand going and pretty much did that in many stupid ways yeah I mean we're we're not the most dysfunctional ban by any means but we were dysfunc- so yeah I mean they're saying that they're not the most dysfunctional band oh means they're just not the most except now it's a it's a whole new ballgame with the new guys you know so how long have you been doing how long does this lineup you've got a year and a half at the rainbow when we talk for the listeners that don't know talk about the other three guys that are in the band now you've got Pete Holmes on drums he's a monster from a black and blue blue Jordan blue these crazy crazy good Jordan south on guitars Jordan also played a within Marty Friedman's me Yes yes no anybody's seen Mardi play who's come over here he's played a couple of times Done American tourist because more dealers and Han but he I before Jordan was with you guys I went to see Mardi here.

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