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I'm Peter Finch or K. Q E D. All right. Peter, and that report was brought to you by bay alarm on this perspective. The planet is warming and for evidence, look, no further than glacier, national park in Montana, which is on scheduled to lose all its glaciers very soon Beth to shop has this perspective afternoon, glacier, national parks lake McDonald, reflected, the same shade of blue as breaking Hawaiian wave. As I walked into the chilly waters. Both the size and whiteness of my feet seem amplified against the red and gray cobbles gradually, my submerge legs adjusted to the cold. I took a couple more steps forward, winced and looked ahead to distract myself in the distant stood. A forest of cedar trees, higher up the tree, surrendered to the more permanent coldness, leaving bare, rocky slopes, where mountain goats forage for alpine grasses a few glacier, still filled the highest cloud covered valleys I entered the all or nothing phase of mountain lake swimming, I needed either to exit or dive in and start swimming. I plunged I did my best craw for twenty five yards or so until my moving muscles to spell. The chill renewed I treaded water enjoyed their liberation from two days of ten dust and sweat, and took in the view. The movement of the clouds across the lake created evolving patches of turquoise Royal Navy blue. During arrange your talk that morning. I found out that the lake's unique color comes from the glaciers grinding the sedimentary rock below them to a flour, like consistency. The Meltwater then flows into the lake scattering mostly blue light into a plethora of variations in the same presentation, I learned that scientists estimate that all of the parks glaciers will be melted by twenty thirty the distinctive colors of the parks, many lakes, will diminish and they'll be less cold. Habitat for mountain goats and Pikis. As I did a lazy backstroke. I realized that twenty thirty is not that far away. I will be sixty six and hopefully still bathing an alpine lakes. Maybe my kids will have kids of their own. We might again can't together by lake McDonald. The view is still be beautiful. But to magic we'll be gone with the perspective. I'm Beth tee shot bet to shot is a K through twelve science education in the north bay. And he gets your thoughts on her commentary online at K Q, E D dot org slash perspectives. Support for perspectives comes from Comcast business offering internet and phone option.

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