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General Bill bar defends his handling of the Muller report from the five fifty KFI newsroom. I'm Craig Martin Durga. Contentious Senate hearing today bar said he was surprised that mother did not make a recommendation on obstruction of Justice. We did not understand exactly why the special counsel was not reaching a decision. And when we pressed them on it. He said that his team was still formulating the explanation. The chairman of the Senate Judiciary committee Lindsay Graham, proclaimed the investigation into Russian meddling and possible collusion by the Trump campaign. Over bar was scheduled to appear at a House Judiciary hearing tomorrow, but word is he's not going to show up. A surprise man is under arrest on child abuse, it assault charges after police say he shot his stepdaughter with a pellet gun because she stole food a thirteen year old girl was taken to Phoenix children's hospital yesterday where she underwent emergency surgery because the pellet hit the outside of her heart is they Jackson. In the night shooting teen on purpose. But did say the girl gets in trouble for stealing food and eating out of the trash after obtaining a search warrant at tickets found the girl lived in deplorable conditions at a nearly empty room that smelled of urine nisei. The girl has not did the school for three years for Tempe. Teens were taken to the hospital the day after taking anti anxiety medication three of the boys fourteen years old, and the others thirteen they were taken to the hospital from layered school in Tempi. It's not know where the boys get the prescription meds valley workers are earning more new figures from the bureau of labor statistics show wages for private industry. Employs are up three point one percent from year ago. Economists Matthew in SCO says that's good news and increasing at a lightly. And I they're paying services. He says the increase in Phoenix wages was slightly above the national average overall western city saw the biggest gains led by Los Angeles. Where payrolls four and a half percent between March of two thousand eighteen and March twenty nineteen taking a look at your money. The Dow dropped one hundred sixty three points to close at twenty six four thirty five fifty KFI news types, five o'clock with a check of east.

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