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R. N. dot and then may be able to comment on the CIA's involvement or alleged involvement in dealing drugs transporting drugs protecting the dealing in transporting of drugs well the first story that says I just I just found something out that's really cool yeah apparently you know we're talking I had brought up Gerry Weber for a law firm Gerry Weber about the guy from mercury news you talked about the you know the drug running on the C. I. A. kind of planning ended up with a bullet hole in the back of his head essentially it is suicide so you know a couple of shots that so there is a movie with Jeremy Renner I I believe that's winner enter I believe it is it's the bulls eye is it tough guy is it it's the archer from the Avengers series of movies the the new Marvel movies and he's the guy who played that he is in the movie called kill the messenger which is about Kerry web hello so apparently there's a looks like a you know a pretty good suspense is nearly as in like twenty fourteen so not really but not I still haven't seen the Julian assignment that either that's horrible for that one's good yeah so Dave so I was we're just saying this off the air is like this is happened absolutely everybody who's been on the show for some amount of time is we've all fallen for some form of you know what they're now calling fake news and this even though and then Johnson you point pointed out correctly here that even though the site calls itself a satire site it's not writing funny articles in every case there may be some that are more entertaining than others some of them just sound believable and decide to search the site the site is world news daily report dot com it says it's intended to sound like world news daily which is the conservative leaning news and opinion site that has been around for quite a long time so they just added the word report to it and it sounds similar enough right like world news daily world news daily report a you know that somebody is not paying attention is going to see this and they're gonna think it's real plus it's presented as though it is real this here's another headline from them to C. I. A. agents arrested by minute man while crossing Mexican border with thirteen hundred pounds of cocaine and it's got like a picture of what appear to be you know the minute man type of guys with machine guns in fatigues and things like that on say that there is an element of truth to every joke that's right and the thing is that these articles that although these articles might be satirical and I guess they they got out you guys are just great I think but they may be fake but that doesn't change you know that doesn't change my message or the idea that I feel like this is a majorly important subject and that's why we we're going to continue talking about this is this is important and I it it doesn't change like my experience doesn't change anything about my perception that these guys don't want to stop the drugs that that they're involved and in the way that they're profiting from it and I don't mean like captain clean can sergeant you know bill co I'm talking about like people like that like the bush family are people hired a high upside high high up you know are making lots of money off this and they killed a lot of people to protect it and this problem with this is to with this fake news kind of stuff is that you can't it's not easy to spot either because you can't necessarily just trust sites like fact check or pulling a fact or Snopes because every single one of these sites yes you know so while some of them might be say oh well you know what is it daily world Daily News report dot com is gonna be fake news or the onion they're gonna point out the obvious fake news yeah yes some of them might point that out and then they're not going to say that this you know obviously fake story from say CNN which is an outright lie they're not like that yeah you know to help and to write you gotta be careful believing something just because it's written on the mainstream side a lot of times those reporters get the story wrong but in many cases you do get sometimes more than one source for similar stories you can look over and find out what our tea is saying which is Russia Russia today the Russian government propaganda on you kind of have to if you want to read the news you have to read let us you have to read a source that's on the left obviously on the left a source that's obviously on the right and at least one or two international sources when you're looking for news to get a full picture and then you still have to make your own decision it's true yeah well you know it's funny I was looking at me like I look at fox news and I looked at CNN just to kind of see what type of things that they were putting on their website what things they were showing and I thought was really telling about what society's really cares about because you know like he headlines were are about what's the woman's name my N. as zero disease to be the show of that married with children you know the guy in remember no no no not Roseanne Barr really good looking guy and married with children he and his character's name yeah yeah I think I deserve a guy that was the husband while he's in a new show now in in that show he's not married to this sort of Hispanic woman who's really good looking anyway so that he key I forget her name whatever and they say look at her bikini on the beach she's not afraid with her husband to show this is N. or whatever this was I fox or CNN and he also had the you know the other popular just they had it was it was just about a lot of celebrities that salon look at Haiti Segoe Katie said yeah yeah meanwhile meanwhile did you know that they killed two hundred forty nine thousand civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq is that all thousand one well that's civilians that's not military contractors that's kids and moms old ladies and old ladies and dads two hundred and fifty thousand so let's get into a story here Dave because I've got something about the CIA since you brought into a piece that we sounded real but turns out it wasn't here's one that's more allegedly real from the intercept okay the intercept is a respected news website it's pretty independent probably has a bit of a leftist tends to it but they do a lot of good research on the stuff they do and they're actually reporting on the history channel back in twenty seventeen did a special about the war on drugs and it has some allegations about the CIA's involvement summary from the intercept it says the core truth is the war on drugs has always been a pointless sham for decades the federal government has engaged in a shifting series of alliances of convenience with some of the world's largest drug cartels so while the U. S. incarceration rate has quintupled since president Richard Nixon first declared the war on drugs in nineteen seventy one top narcotics dealers have simultaneously enjoyed protection at the highest levels of power in America on one hand it shouldn't be surprising the volume in this dumb documentation of this fact in dozens of books has long been available to anyone with curiosity in a library card yet somehow despite the fact that the US has no formal system of censorship this monumental scandal has never before been presented in a comprehensive way in the medium where most Americans get their information television that's why the new special that were new in twenty seventeen the history channel had called quote America's war on drugs on quote is a genuine milestone they say we've recently seen how ideas that once seemed absolutely preposterous and taboo for instance the Catholic Church was conscientiously guarding priests who sexually abuse children I certainly think it's interesting that they're actually having a show that sounds like something like history and not something about aliens yeah right or that Bill Cosby may not have been the best choice for America's dad can after years of silence finally break through in the popular consciousness and exact real consequences the series could be a watershed in doing the same for the reality behind one of the most cynical and cruel policies in U. S. history and then talk about the series in who's the we were the producers there's a bunch of footage and recreations than they've got former D. A. operatives as well as journalists and drug dealers themselves that are interviewed in this there's no mealy mouth chuckling about what happened the first episode opens with the voice of Lindsey Maranda one time clandestine CIA officer the clearing quote the agency was elbow deep with drug traffickers unquote then Richard Stratton a marijuana smuggler turned writer and television producer explains quote most Americans would be utterly shocked if they knew the depth of involvement that the CIA the Central Intelligence Agency has had in the international drug.

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