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Oh, fifteen minutes, even better. Yes. He's going to join us. John Ireland fifteen minutes from now. It's not often key were a guy goes twenty-six into as a quarterback at a powerhouse program twenty-six into and then has to find somewhere else to go put football. And that's what's happening with Jalen hurts Jalen hurts announced yesterday that he's leaving Alabama Novick surprise. We knew he was going to lead it because he wants to out of bounds two years ago. Twenty six two as a starter for Alabama. He's on his way to Oklahoma because two is not going anywhere. Does not going anywhere. He gets now between to go to Oklahoma following footsteps. Kyla Moore who followed in the footsteps of Baker Mayfield. Now, you go to a guy who supposedly is the guru of quarterback fixers and all of that sort of stuff. So you now have an opportunity getting this Oklahoma offense kind of display some NFL type throws and talent in if he's able to do it which I believe he has a size. He has some after that ability. He just needs to get a little more accurate in terms of throwing the ball because he threw the ball. Well, it's fresh. Shman year. He did under underlying kiffin. He did display some talent throwing the ball people want to knock it and say, oh, well, he's just more of a running quarterback. No. That's not true. He could throw the football. They just didn't allow him to do it in fine. Tune his skills to the level. He was okay. Yeah. He was. Okay. Yeah. I mean, that's not saying I'm not saying he he is a Aaron Rodgers. But he certainly a guy that has some ability as a quarterback that will get an opportunity to play on Sundays at that position. Do you like the choice to go to Oklahoma because you look at it? And like you said Lincoln Riley, the head coach there has had back to back Heisman Trophy winners. At that position. Baker Mayfield gets at color Murray gets it and Jalen hurts. And I'm looking to make a big splash. And especially like you were saying if the idea is to prove to everybody that you can throw the football. That's the place to go. Do it. No it is. They're going to Chuck it all over the place. It is they're going to be missing some play. But they reload like. Yes. Oklahoma going to reload. If they got a lot of players that leaving Hollywood Brown top receiver dear declare for the draft. But they have another group wide receivers. They got running back here from from the Los Angeles area. They got some offense and Lyman that left, but they got some more guys that they're going to replace. I think it's a smart move on his part. I think that is a good place to go. He looked at a couple of other schools. Yeah. He he went and took visits to Maryland in Miami as well. And some of the other teams that were allegedly involved in trying to get him to come Auburn, which would have been interesting just because it's Auburn in Alabama, Tennessee, Utah UCLA, Florida state and the buckeyes Maryland has Loxley now who's the offense coordinator in Alabama? So he knew him from Alabama. So it probably would have been a good fit there. Although you're not gonna win very many games in Maryland out the gate, Oklahoma, you're going to win you're going to be in an offense. It's gonna show your talents in he's in a win win situation. All the way around by the way, this happens all the time. Now, you look. Russell Wilson change. You look at collar Murray changed Baker Mayfield change guys. Don't this idea that you come into a program, you red shirt, you wait as a freshmen redshirt freshman, maybe a software, and then you start as a junior that Jalen hurts was twenty six and two in the yanked him off the field. Of course, he's got to leave and he leaves goals. Oklahoma kindled a quarterback. That's oklahoma. Backed up may feel and Murray wanted to leave to go to West Virginia, Oklahoma, tried to block him as of two days ago from it that they do crazy..

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