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Restaurant and say hi to robert dodge the managing partner they're send my love that places like having dinner more they're open for dinner i don't know if there any day sailed for lunch we always go for dinner but it's like walking in victorian that line if you want a perfect day start your day at the book of gels an march around trinity college which is an amazing experience last time i was there there was a big pulse of because the person i thought whose name was of fines is actually pronounced race finds that something i learned actually learned that at the trocadero restaurant uh because on the walls are the photos frames photos of so many actors who frequent the place the many of whom have performed at the abbey or the talk which is the downstairs theater at the abbey theater historic abby theater and that's like wait after you've played on grafton street so if you're at the go to the partnership it's morning because you when the end at the irish you see a time of day when yet they're ready for it now alone that you've been associated with the irish whiskey museum morris the but not i'm not accurate with the company all about long long joined in january of your boat to me peter thick media here pick up the phone a popularly go from here you said quite true as part of africa felt of adam of whisky rope acquired temple bar building pretty sampler really on bringing up in the atmosphere quake crybaby various wealth oh well i'm loving life here while because there are some trinity college being one dublin city college being another and there are others arab end because people who are from missile in a poor community someone and as well as those in europe find their way to done in so i don't know if the statistics change but the last time i looked more than fifty percent of the people in dublin are under twenty five years old really ribhi young demographic at the moment care arab good job everything for you bill maher here we have a lot of good.

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