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The Brian Lehrer show and if you would like to see good morning everyone and we begin as we usually do on Fridays with our weekly ask the mayor said when my questions and yours for mayor bill de Blasio at two one two four three three W. N. Y. C. two one two four three three nine six nine two or you can treat a question just use the hashtag asked the mayor good morning Mister mayor welcome back to W. NYC good morning Brian so you gave your state of the city address yesterday and the big room with a big well natural history and titled it save our city will you give us because most people didn't hear it the essence of what you think still needs to be saved after six years of your administration yeah and Brian this comes from talking to new Yorkers all over the city is seventy town hall meetings all across the five boroughs in so many other conversations and I think what people are feeling right now is very anxious about the future of the city because it's become so on affordable because are worried about being displaced and not able to stay in their own neighborhood because they see small businesses a lot of closing all the time they see vacant storefronts there's a tremendous sense of anxiety about whether this is still going to be a place for everyone and a livable affordable place or not you know in the speech I said look we we overcame huge crises in the past once upon a time people were fleeing the city because it wasn't safe and that was dominant as as idea and a concern for decades and we became a much safer city we became a city with a very strong economy a lot more jobs as a lot of things I'm very proud of is best in the last six years but I was trying to be blunt about there's a new and different kind of crisis that we're facing which is all about affordability and whether our neighborhoods will still be places for us you know whether this is a I quoted the the concept this land is your land from the famous song you know what that new Yorkers are basically saying to me all over we don't know if we're going to be the last generation or family able to live here and so what I propose yesterday was a series of very different approaches we've tried a lot of things and I can tell you a lot of things that help people to live here and afford to be here fifteen dollar minimum wage and a huge affordable housing plan and you know rain freezes free lawyers to stop evictions we've done all sorts of things but I'm being very honest having done the mall it's not enough for them to go to the next level so for example passing laws that will protect millions of tenants who right now do not have protections to stop rent gouging by the landlords huge rate increases on the topic unfair objections we need to do that we need to create community land trusts that one sure that public.

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