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Mutiny. At the same taught, Russ thought it would be a good idea to run a promotion. He called it a great 420 sale and give away. On April 20th 2012 the world's official marijuana day. The biggest of a silk road saw Likud sales started at 420 p. m. on Friday April 20th into ended at 520 pay PM on Sunday April twenty second. For those forty nine hours a boy I could win a prize every four hundred and twenty seconds. Four hundred twenty processing total. The big prize was a troop Patou for twelve days with two thousand dollas included for expenses. Every time a person might have purchase that would own a ticket to be added to the draw for the big prize. So essentially, the more drugs you board, the more chances you had of winning holiday. In addition, Ross added a ten percent discount on every product. This was made possible as Ross didn't charge commission for the duration of the site will encourage Sylla's to pass citing on to the boys. One Ciller in particular was very excited about the sale. He went by the name tiny seventy six Tony seventy seeks had the greatest reputation Edible, the Sylla's on silk road. He's reviews at writings were constantly one hundred percent positive. No one ever compliant. He was also very helpful And Polat to everyone on the Sewa. When the great 420 Sal and give a white cane Tony seventy six announce several benefits. First, he offered discounts fall Lodge at than ten percent. Second, He was opening up these products to international boys. Previously. He'd only sell to US boys. And third, He started this, I'll lowly 24 hours before the official launch. He only had one condition which he outlined in the following message. A can't afford to have so much money, torn up in escrow and have it affect more ability to reload on product if you're uncomfortable funnel washing early or completely understand. But it's not optional for these auto and auto voice you to note ODA. Tony seventy six was doing what the dread par rubber to explicitly call PayPal note to did tiny wanted PayPal to deal with Saudi escrow system and pay him before I go pet drugs. In other circumstances, But as we defend this proposal suspicious, But it wasn't the first time the tiny 76 had requested this and everything had gone smoothly on those previous occasions. He had an impeccable reputation and people were happy to formalize early with you. Tony seventy 76 throw after touring the sale. He was the number one syllabi far. In fact, he salt so many drugs that on April twenty fees he released a message for old boys that he would be taking his listings Danny twelve hours storms. So we could catch up on the side of odors. So if you wanted something he had to getting quick. Boys scrambled to get the road is in Ontorio's from one of the most trusted so us on silk road. It's estimated that Tony 76 made a quarter of a million dolars in that one weekend of the site will. But no one a good that drugs. Tony seventy six had you sucrose biggest sale to play the biggest game? Anyone on the sought had info pulled off. But boys complained, the response from the dread par rubbet was short and concern us. He explained that silk road Zanskar system avoid its games like this, And it was the boys decision to disrespect that system. Therefore No one was getting refunded. may Mall Garaudy Giants. Go back to Ross with Samantha. He had done some digging in spoken to several papal and it seemed Ross's fees would real. There was talk of mutiny. Settlers went show what we going to do yet, but they had three options. He mourned one was delayed silk road and moved to black market reloaded. And you saw the hit emerge that followed the same, oh, dear silk road, but without any libertarian ordeals. But it also That was truly underground. It hadn't made the mainstream press yet And the Yona same more than happy to keep it under the right on the second option being considered was facilites to build their Ryan sought to compete with silk road. In the third option was to hack into silk, correct? And take of a full command of it. The auction that scared Ross, the most was the third one. He knew the security was still Sukh Road's main year, and it was routed these Tong that roster saved. The message from an you use code knob offering to bought sought knob was the account day aging Call forcing created. Rossi answered, Nope. Smith each sang all night into the idea. What did you have a moment? Nope, told him that in order to make an official off, he would need to say so grades financials which included sales upgrade costs salaries for administrators and monitors and any other costs. With this information call thought it would assist the investigation, but giving Warne forcement a clearer picture of just how big silk road woes. But Ross didn't share those numbers. He was the only person with access to them. Not even variety Judge knew the exact numbers. And he was his main adviser. Ross's answer instead was. A think in office for the entire operation would need to be non tickets for me to consider. The figure Russ was asking fool wasn't five from one billion dolars. Call force newly philosophies chair Emini drugs were being distributed only sought. If that was the asking price. He composed himself in taught the response. Oh, could pay no one Figards but oh no choice who cried is worth that as of now? Instead, he offered what he called a spin-off. The idea was to create a market for the Magic deal is that would be cold masters of the Silk Road in this market, the major dealers would get to selling hundreds of kilos. No Grenon did the dread par robots that he knew a lot of smuggling route, so life of the world, And so he could hope make it happen. He off a two million dollas to have twenty percent ownership with the masters of the silk road. The idea intrigued to us and he wanted to learn more from then on knob, and the dread part rub started to communique regularly. Ross had no idea. He was really speaking to a day aging and called force had no idea about the true identity of the dread rub. It. But it was a promising start To be continued.

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