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Dave and Amy I mentioned going into is I give you my opinions on the big stories of the day is the mention here show right here on five seventy forty six fifty one I'm Dave Williams with the scout said waiting for vacationing in the shut off for a quick there's an update on the stock market because did there can you join us about an hour ago and said it looks looking like it'll be better yeah the start of trading today it is well the few times at least the Dow the S. and the S. and P. five hundred opened three percent higher than the Dow opened about two and a half percent higher same with the nasdaq side is a little better than it was yesterday his story that a passed along about an hour ago and we put it on the day the navy Facebook page because it's it's kind of detailed and you can really get in the weeds with this but I ask you if this interest what I'm about to tell you if this interests you you want to read more go to the David Amy Facebook page click on the link and read the story but please read the whole thing before you comment right because the comments well at any rate just please do that her name is Liz Specht she has a PhD in biology she is associate director of science and technology for the good food institute basically she works with statistics she works with numbers probability and projections and she knows all about about viruses and such and she says that it is a standard the standard a way of projecting epidemiological studies to say that there is a doubling of the number of cases of any particular disease every six days yeah she says we can expect to see a doubling of coronavirus cases in this country every six days so if there's seven hundred now would be fourteen hundred than a week right at A. B. twenty eight hundred the next week she assumed that there was more than that chance of taking into consideration and there are a lot of cases that have not been reported a lot of cases that have not been discovered and confirm that all that stuff and yeah yeah but the point of it is that it's it doesn't matter if the numbers are off a little bit that doesn't affect the the the the what is the word I'm looking for it doesn't affect the nature of the statistics and the M. the projections she says we're looking at about a million U. S. cases by the end of April second two million by may four million by may eleventh may fifth and so on she says the exponentials are hard to grasp but this is how they work and she says bottom line on this is in the US we have about two point eight hospital beds for every one thousand people with a population of three hundred thirty million people this is one million possible hospital beds at any given time sixty five percent of those beds are already in use that leaves about three hundred thirty thousand beds available nation wide bottom line they will all be filled by may fifth yeah and I brought this up a little earlier too is it not everyone's gonna stay in those bags and not everyone's going to go to the hospital no but there are enough people coming in behind them waiting for the beds as there is the point and you know I think it really bears repeating that there is no implication here that everybody's done they're going to be any greater deaths risk right or anything like that but you can continue to to go down this line and see how one thing affects another she says as health care systems become increasingly burdened that includes prescription shortages as Scott pointed out it's not you know there's no no specific prescription for people with corona virus but certainly for the symptoms we'll take the same pills for for for the cold and flu and so forth again ever you're never gonna have shortages of those and beds we've got masks she's goes into the numbers about masks and of the people who work in health care themselves and how they're gonna be falling by the wayside so it could be a very serious problem and this is why countries like Italy and basically just shut down right Italy or are they locked up the entire country nobody goes in and out not yet literally yesterday was we were saying twenty five percent of the country was stuck now it's everybody unless you have to travel for work or an emergency that literally what they're saying is the right decision is to stay home the future of Italy is in our hands we've got to be more responsible today than ever then they have to say in the way that they have to they have to you know to trust people to take take care of themselves and their families and to be do the responsible thing as far as society is concerned and by the way just go back to Liz Specht.

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