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Them all having a lower a dot, 12 to 15 targets against a team that's not going to let him destroy them. But the coaching staff knows that they need to feed him to have their best player be a happy best player. Yeah. I don't like that. Okay, this one's this one is the trap. All right, here we go. It's a huge trap, but I kind of like it. The favorites money line parlay. She served massive favorites over the rams. I think they're 14 and a half. The dolphins are 13 and a half point favorites over the Texans. The bills are 9 and a half point favorites over the Lions and the Giants are 9 and a half point favorites over. Sorry, the cowboys are not at that point in favor of the Giants. So I love it. I know we're going to be wrong about it. Let's go. I know we're going to be, I don't see any of these teams losing one of them is absolutely going to lose, but whatever. I love it. We're going with those favorites. Once at 14 parlay? Yeah, 14 parlay. What are the odds on 40 or four way points? There's such big favorites though that's even odds. Jeez. All right, yeah. 14 parlay is a lot to ask for, but we'll take it. The last one, this is the most depressing line out there. The Broncos are minus one 30. For the money line on the road against Sam darnold and the Panthers. Can we ride with the saddest team ever playing against Sam darnold in the Panthers? Can we pick the Broncos on the road? Fine. We don't have to. Would you be shocked if they lost? No. Do you know what the record would be if they scored 18 points in every game this year? Yeah, I saw that. Well, that Nick Wright had that floating around the Internet. That was sad. Yeah, I picked the Broncos defense and I guess that brings the offense along with me. I mean, Steve Wilkes actually has the Panthers playing pretty well all things considered. And I had a thought, why I talked to some people about why they fired Matt rules. So early because whatever was like, all right, let them ride out this season and something that I hadn't considered, but I'll keep in mind going forward is it's about getting that money offset. Right. You want to give fire your coach early, you want to give them enough time to find a new job. So they normally have offset language in the contract where it's like, all right, so if you find another job, we only have to make up the difference. So I guess that's why they got rid of them early and put Steve Wilkes in this terrible situation, but I think Steve Wilkes is doing a good job. Yeah. Team seems to like playing for him. Yeah, I think he's gonna be, he's gonna come out of this with a better opportunity at a job because his last job, he got one year. And I don't know the ins and outs of what happened in Arizona, but that shit was unfair. Yeah. So the ones we have locked in. Right now we have the colts locked in at minus two and a half, we have the favorites parlay locked in.

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