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Jim where you go in and get some sets gets reps. Get it done. Br br workup. little leadership. sweat do some role playing. Ask some questions. Were there all the time. We have a conference that we put on. If that's the best word but we have an event that we do. I don't even know if that's the right word. Anyways there's a thing you can come to which is called the monster. We talk about leadership for two days. We do activities. Come check it out. Phoenix august seventeenth and eighteenth. Las vegas october. Twenty eighth and twenty ninth. We have something called the f. T. x. coming up july twelfth and thirteenth if you wanna check that out it's tactical training with the emphasis on leadership and you can take the leadership principles that we talk about all the time and imply them in a tactical environment. Which will then you will then be able to transfer to whatever environment you're in if you want to help servicemembers active and retired their families gold star families checkout marley's mama lee. She's got a charity organization. And you want to donate or you want to get involved. And then go to america's mighty warriors dot com dot org. Sorry and if you want to hear few want to hear more of this of my cringingly long just of tax. If you wanna hear echo charles randomly ranting about god knows what if you wanna hear dave getting hyped up on things that don't matter find us on the interwebs on twitter on the graham on. Facebook echoes adequate charles. David david are burke. And i m at jaakko willink and to all of the uniformed personnel out there in the military who take these strategies and put them into action to protect our way of life. Thank you for what you do and to our police. In law enforcement firefighters paramedics. Emt's dispatchers correctional officers border patrol. Secret service in all first responders. Thank you for protecting our way of life here at home and everyone else out there. Remember that napoleon avert the great military leader napoleon bonaparte remember that he pursued his vision of peace for twenty years of war and ended up defeated and in exile. Don't do that don't do that. Think strategic adjust your ends to your means. Make sure you can actually win. Make sure you can see that. Pathway to victory make sure you can see those pathways plural to victory and then start down that path. Then give it everything you got that until next time. This is dave an echo and jaakko out..

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