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Kim Tunnicliffe has more all of Foster and her sister started taking their 96 year old uncle Mel Macleod out for dinner four years ago after he lost his wife, he actually insists on paying for all the times, he says, I don't want you to pay. I don't want to go to the grave with this much money mother doing fine money, because if I go down the funeral every other week or so, the family has gone out to dinner. Even through the pandemic. Malin is nieces sit outside at their favorite spots. Saralyn, the weathervane. A fire pit and a couple of the land. Not too bad at all, and lots of blankets. Look forward to it breaks up the week Kevin Tonic left WBZ Boston's news radio 5 17. It's not often that people looking to rent an apartment haven't advantage in Boston, however, that old supply and demand principle is now let play as we hear from W. B. C S Mike Macklin Records market in Boston. The covert 19 pandemic has left many apartments vacant. Students who normally be reading or staying home and taking classes remotely rather than on campus. Boston has dropped from being the third most expensive city in the nation for records to fifth in just the last month. Boston tied with Indianapolis for the largest decrease in red, according to the rental market places, Jumper, landlords and revelations are hoping that is the virus vaccines get rolled out, people may begin to again consider moving back to the city to take advantage. Of the lower rents now available. Mike Macklin WBZ Boston's news radio as America finding itself in the grips of the deadliest month so far of this pandemic, a new variant of the virus first found in South Africa has now been detected in the United States. South Carolina. Health officials say the two people infected with the Corona virus variant first detected in South Africa live in different parts of the state. They don't know each other and they haven't traveled recently, Officials are reminding residents. The variant spreads easier and quicker than others, and we all must be more vigilant. About taking the prevention steps that we know work. A different variant, first found in the UK has now been detected in at least 28 states, including Alaska. Michael George CBS News New York at 5 19. There's now emergency legislation to help streamline the vaccine scheduling process. After some big frustrating is from seniors all around the state. We get more from WBC's Karen Regal State Senator Eric Lesser filed legislation and he's wasting no adjectives and describing the Commonwealth 75 over. Roll out thus far from right now is frankly, a morass sees a spider Web. Conflicting links and instructions in bureaucratic speak. I mean, I'm 35 years old. I'm I consider myself a digital native Had was inundated with questions and concerns from constituents over the last several weeks. This legislation would create a single one stop portal, standardizing the sign up system and allow a phone based system for those, especially seniors who are not Internet savvy. Chairman. Regal WBZ Boston's news radio 5 20 a call for help from FEMA, the agency reaching out to the Pentagon for assistance in this distributing vaccines. Secretary has made it very clear. That we are going to provide as much capability and capacity as the Defense Department can afford to do to help with this. National priority, and that is Pentagon spokesman John Kirby there, he says. While that request is under review, the military will be assisting in their efforts well, groundbreaking award winning actress Sicily. Tyson has died with a career spanning some six decades. She was Known for her roles, playing resilient, uplifting black women at a time when it was very difficult to do so. Among her many awards and accolades and 2018, she was the first black woman to receive an honorary Oscar and a post on Instagram Oprah Winfrey, saying the roles she played reflected her values and she never compromised. Her new memoir, Justus I am was published. This week. Sicily. Tyson was 96 years old 5 21. You're going to be hearing it all weekend long and for good reason, dangerously cold weather out there this morning and it will be with us all the way through Monday and then we kick off next week with a little bit of snow and interesting forecast to.

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