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So we're gonna spend the rest of the show talking about more of the Oscar races that have us fascinated and as always it seems to come back to best actress because that's where our hearts lie and Richard. You actually had an interesting I don't like a best actress moment or revelation at the middle film festival over the weekend. What did you see? And what struck you about it the festival brought me down. I did a Q and A, and they just wanted me to see what the festival is six years old. It was started by the woman who founded BT and now owns this resort like an hour outside of DC, and it's a beautiful setting. And in the festival gets good movies because they can afford them her life. Sounds amazing. Yeah. No, she's she's a fascinating story. So so, you know, they wanted me to kind of just see what it was all about. It's just a weekend festival penalty telluride being talking to a lot of rich people in line with another day. You know, but the QNA I did was with Peter hedges the writer and director of Ben is back, which I think we we spoke about after Toronto, which is a movie about the opioid crisis in in particular, one family, dealing with it Lucas hedges. Peter's son plays the afflicted kid where Julia Roberts place, his mom. The movie went over a treat at the festival and Julia was not there. But people I spoke to were very high on her and the movie and its timeliness. And I think it's interesting to talk to people like the vote like the people at Middleburg because I don't think that they're academy voters, although I did talk to some producers and film, you know, people who are who could be, but they represent something of a similar demographic socio-economically, age wise. I think that their passion for that movie. For me moves. Julia Roberts more into the kind of like theoretical five. Yeah. Well. And not to promote a competitor here. But Scott Feinberg does keep a very good list of you know, who's who's in the mix and he's got Julia in his five front runners with Glenn Close Levy Coleman lady Gaga and you'll eats a operates. Yo I mean, it's not a bad list. There's a lot of other great performances, but that doesn't sound right. I wanted to ask you guys the Glenn Close narrative because I know it's something that we've been talking about for a while. But I just I'm curious where exactly this is popping from because her film wasn't exactly like in the heat of the festival circuit. So where where's this glencoe close noise coming from? How did I miss? It will something that I took note of is. We are just entering screener season. Where movies are getting sent out to people. So they can watch at home and don't have to drag themselves to whatever Rb. Gee, I think was the really the first screener that went out, but the second one was the wife, which you know, is the Glenn Close movie, and so they're they're it's in people's consciousness. The other thing is she's winning the big award. Santa Barbara film festival which I believe, you know, later this year or early next year. Globes somewhere in that range. Right. Yeah. Yeah. So like, that's the thing that that's a sign that the industry is keeping that performance in mind. So for whatever reason in premiered at Toronto over a year ago, and then had a kind of quiet issue August release it it it made some money but not a ton. But the power of Glen has just like kept that movie, particularly that performance lingering. And I think that Sony Pictures classics is keen to that and has been handling fastening. So like is the is the wisdom that she's going to like definite feels so sure that she's going to be nominated. But like how could she possibly win for performance that so little despite her being Glenn Close and being amazing? And and having all these near misses in her career. So that like how can she win for film that like a role that not many people in the world have seen Frank? Lest we forget Merrill run for the iron lady fair act. Acting winds come from weird places because it's so much more about the people in the narratives around them, and Glenn Close has something I have near narrative where she never one before. It does seem tougher for her. When you've got lady Gaga who's in this juggernaut. That's a star is born..

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