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Michael Anson Traffic and weather on the 8s here's Mary de pampa in the traffic center All right John thank you and always thanks to WTO listeners keeping us abreast of things that are happening shout out to Becky who was on the beltway heard our plea last report on the beltway outer loop passing George avenue exit 31 We had the disabled vehicle had the operative word they were loaning it up on a tow truck Becky saw it along the right side They spun the camera saw the error board and now they are moving away as we are speaking So all I should be open and moving well still on the beltway both in Maryland and in Virginia If we continue on the Maryland side two 70 was doing well but in Frederick we have a crash 80 fingerboard road bolt directions between baker valley rode and hope land road both ways right near the church overturned vehicle so both directions you'll follow police direction 95 in Maryland doing okay beltway to beltway nothing being reported as well on the Baltimore Washington Parkway Inside of the beltway both outside and inside on the Parkway inside of the beltway on two 95 our crash that was south after the 11th street bridge That should actually now be clear from travel after a brief pause of all traffic They did remove that accident We had a crash from the 4 o'clock hour take out several power poles at the foot of Nats park and south capitol street is now closed If you're inbound you divert it for Sterling same with the suitland Parkway Southbound south capitol diverts at peace street The bridge closed you can work other anacostia crossings wide open and moving pretty well In Virginia interstate travel light quick reminder they do have icy conditions could be a lot of places Michelle will tell you about that I will tell you if it looks wet it's frozen 6 O 6 between the toll road are just shy of the greenway.

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