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From their time is the Washington Senators today moving toe Arlington, Texas and becoming the Rangers. The franchise had never won a World Series and yet here in Game six of the 2011 World Series against the ST Louis Cardinals The Texas Rangers stand three outs away from a title to the bottom of the ninth. We go on October 27th 2011 with Orel Hershiser time. Here's Dan Ryan scenario. Albert who holes and Lance Berkman are coming up for the Cardinals. Everybody on their feet it pitch to Terrio is lowball. Stereo knows he's taking at least one strike there. He should be right up on the plate. Same. I stand so close to the plate. Move me off 10 and there's a fast ball for a strike 96 miles an hour. It's one and there is nobody up in the Texas pan just in case scenario right now, for the Rangers are in on the corners more back up, back up the middle plain Terry really hit the ball to the other one wants me on in a loden. Easy Look, It's two and one on serious. If he can reach any way he can. Who holds comes up as the time pitch fastball fouled back to into this's not easy again. I play a game seven. Out of nine against Ford. I was on Cleveland, We're up by a run, went back lost, lost 3222 pitch swing and a miss stereo gone one down 98 mile an hour fastball up above the belt. Pool's got enormous ovation. Seven when that was conceivable his lasted about is a cardinal because they did some damage in the eight since the next demand is up here again on the night he is over. He is Oh, for 16 if you take away Game three in this world This's Kevin winter, and you're listening to a special presentation of Major League Baseball on ESPN Radio feature in Game six of the 2011 World Series between the Texas Rangers and the sink Louis Cardinals. We now rejoin Orel Hershiser, Bobby Valentine and Game show in the bottom of the ninth inning, with the Rangers leading 7 to 5 pitch ball line in the left centerfield base head. It's going all the way to the fence, who is on his way to second base in in there with a double His first hit since Game three. Lance Berkman is coming up is the potential tying run there. Two people in the lineup that can catch up to 98. Pools at Landsberg here comes home tonight 249 22 in the World Series of 409 average with a chance to try it, Alan Preggers on set, sir, that he told Police that Landsberg will be coming out of his shoes on the first pitch fastball. He wants it, and he admits it. Berkman steps in police comes up. It's slider inside, please on top of his game. Berkman, batting from the left side against the right hander. Police. This is Berkman strong son along their feet, waving their talent. No outside to Moreland. Very deep it first on the edge of the outfield grass, 18 inches from the foul Kinzler deep in playing Berkman, outfielders, extremely But low inside three Craig on Alexis Gondo three times two base hits. He's another guy that could hit but you have to get it down to a low ball hitter, gave those hits because he made mistakes, But he faces a big green light right here flashing pits. Tying run is at first base with one Adama bottom of the ninth. And here comes Craig Kevin Winter, and you're listening to a special presentation of Major League Baseball on ESPN radio presented by Progressive Insurance, So Albert Pools delivers a one out double. Lance Berkman draws a one out walk runners at first and second for the ST Louis Cardinals. They're down to the bottom.

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