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Bowel royale from basic gameplay to more advanced maneuvers. This handbook booklets all the essential tips and tricks you need to become the last player. Standing immerse yourself in island walk through his weapon rundowns combat hacks building guys team tactics and more in promoting book. Epic says it will feature three key things. You might wanna look at full island survival guide all keep places the loot land how to get around island with ease sneaky survival tactics. Smart ways to use the storm to your benefit top tiers and tips for building your way out of troubles and outfit options that offer the best camouflage in how to fight better. And smarter crazy and creative ideas for using game elements your advantage weather plane solo or in a team in the past epoch has turned to poaching to promote his titles, especially gear the war with popular SCI fi author. Karen Travers turning out several titles. Now, it's not to say that controversy going on apparently regard net. But apparently more stupid lawsuits coming up, but I'm excited about the book. How about you guys? If you're interested in getting the book, let me know down comments section and while we'll see promising very interesting wonderful. Learn anything new what do you think the excited? Let me know down to comment section. That's offer. The comments of the feature story. Let's move onto the rest new showy. I'm still getting used to. I'm okay. So. On top of getting over watching vendors endgame on opening weekend along with crazy hectic week in a goal along with it along with some crazy behind the scene stuff that here's what I'm going to say right now guys. Tomorrow. May I you will get to see everything that have been working out for the past month. It's going to be announced. It's going to be revealed. I'm good probably talk about it on the podcast tomorrow. It'll be on social media sites. It'll be in Email. It'll be everywhere. So if you're not following us on our social profiles Braun Twitter were on YouTube, Ron Instagram, Ron Facebook. Yeah. And techniques. Gadget dot com. Probably make announcement there as well. If you're not on our Email list will make an announcement there as well. But yeah, big big big big Yoshi news coming. So my brain's all over the place. Yeah. So I thought it'd be able to get back into the swing of things. Apparently, I'm still trying to calm down from the high and get back to reality tastes Tuesday. Right jeeze. Anyways. Hope you guys have cell far so moving onto our next news of the day. Facebook is turning Instagram into the new Facebook. If he had known sit ready in hadn't been tuned into F eight, although why anybody would you can condense it down into a thirteen minute video. Lot of whining going on guys. Anything new come into the table anything. Interesting. That's neat. Whacking my desk. Do why are all these people weaving because you're stealing their baby from them? And then you go let's kill the goose that laid the golden egg. And then you'll get money. And it'll be like, yeah. But now you can't make any more, golden eggs. Are you stupid? Anyways. Businesses. I tell you scarred by seemingly endless parade of scandals in troubled by an ongoing decline in usage among teens in Facebook's leadership seems to be trying to recreate it's flat lining social network un-integrate. It's younger hip money-making still relatively scandal free arm. Although I guarantee if they start digging claws in a little bit too much. Everybody's going to be like Instagram antsy, you most of them around Snapchat. Anyways story to tell you Instagram has been growing rapidly. Perhaps as people gravitate toward it's simpler, selective focus over. Facebook's maximalist share all share everything platform net. Mixes in a flurry of life. Updates articles birthday. Notifications memories and whatnot Instagram is a single stream of photos videos, but that's been changing and given a handful announcements at the companies f eight developer conference today, the transformation looks to be picking up speed since his acquisition by Facebook. In twenty twelve Instagram has been steadily pouring over Facebook features, including videos taking albums advertising in private messaging with stories it has coned, essentially, Snapchat. And today the Facebook innovation of Israel evens inevitable based on changes announced at Efate today. If you didn't hear it while here, it is Instagram head, Adam Missouri institute introduced create mode, a new stories format made just for text quizzes polls off Instagram's other features not related to photos or videos. It's essentially dupe of Facebook's color black status launched in twenty seventeen another new Instagram feature donation stickers which allow users to raise money for charity through stories on Facebook users have been able to fund for nonprofit since twenty fifteen and have collected over three hundred million just through birthday, fundraisers alone. As of August, twenty eighteen Instagram has also headed ways for people to spend more money on a platform last month users could start buying products when certain brands directly on the app through shopping takes which are like Facebook shop now add modules, except they don't really look like ads in today. Instagram said select influencers could start adding. Those shopping takes to their posts Instagram spokesperson clarified that influences would not get a cut of any revenue generated from those shopping Hague's. So wanna Facebook's most active features groups isn't officially on Instagram, but that hasn't stopped its users

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