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Four the president's lawyer says he wants the public to hear, more of Michael Collins. Recording saying they've vindicate his client current Trump lawyer Rudy, Giuliani on x. Trump attorney Michael Cohen one. Hundred and eighty three unique, conversations on tape one, of those, with, the president. Is states. Giuliani on CBS's Face the nation ABC news chief legal analyst Dan Abrams c. potentially, has information to provide to Robert Muller but let's be clear he's being investigated by the southern district of New York which is a separate entity. Investigating Michael Cohen Abrahams on ABC's this week Chuck Sivertsen reporting wins news time ten, thirty five there's word the CBS board of directors. Is going to be, discussing the allegations of sexual harassment being leveled against CEO les Moonves meeting set for tomorrow in a statement Friday saying it would take appropriate. Action at the end of. The investigation Ronan Farrow contributing reporter who wrote the. Article in the New Yorker spoke with CNN's Brian Stelter I have to say that in. All of our interactions with CBS with Moonves which were extensive we give. Them a very broad window of comment on this and worked very closely with them Mr. Munoz personally to me was very very gracious, and seem to take the claims very serious there's word the, director will, be selecting, a special committee that, will oversee, the probe to be carried out my third party a, law firm wins news time ten thirty six and other legal entanglement for former Hollywood producer. Harvey Weinstein this time overgrowing legal bills insurance giant chub and other carriers, that wrote liability policies for Harvey Weinstein and his film company are arguing in court, that they don't. Cover allegations of sexual misconduct Weinstein's attorney say the insurance are supposed. To pay for his legal defense but have unfairly sided with the women who have filed a slew of sex harassment lawsuits against him they want the, civil, litigation. Halted until his criminal case is resolved the judge has not made a final ruling Weinstein pleaded. Not guilty to attacking three women and denies any allegations of nonconsensual sex that is Julie Walker Reporting not. Known how much all the legal proceedings are costing Weinstein wins news time ten. Thirty seven, while walking around my, neighborhood this weekend attempting to get a head start on. Holiday shopping. I wandered into books or magic owes reminded of the famous Mark Twain quote rumors of by. Death have been greatly exaggerated even as Amazon continues, to dominate the market and brick and mortar retail has seen, a decline, one type, of local business seems, to be, making a comeback a recent trend shows New York City, landlords a leasing retail space to independent bookstores even at the expense of lower rents Tim. King co-founder of CPAC real estate said an owner is sacrificing some rents, by bringing an independent bookstore into the building but it becomes an old fashioned towns, where where people. Meet instead of focusing just on selling products some retailers are shifting. Towards developing better client relationships in enticing customers to stay a bit longer landlords following suit as tractive storefronts also helped rent out apartments on the upper Floors and what better way than. A bookstore as I discovered firsthand it's magic and that's the bottom line for small business I'm rob. Walsh for ten ten. Wins ten thirty eight now ten ten wins entertainment.

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