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On Marnie's Fania and, of course Club's gonna be played without Trevor warrants again next week against Notre Dame. Doesn't mean they can't win, and I like the way D J look today, but it's gonna absolutely make to give a heck of a lot closer for wasn't if Trevor warns was playing a silly would be picking Clemson that will no doubt about that. First of all, I love how we've just both punted on ever trying to pronounce DJs last name, so I said you would have gotten my lady. That's not Bad. Yeah, that's not far off. That's like saying the Sager. It's like 65% there, I think, but what I was going to say was I think this is actually a best case scenario for the A. C C because Obviously clumsy can win. But if Clemson loses, everyone's going Oh, it's only because there was no Trevor Laurence and I know Pete. You check just said a minute ago. We shouldn't We shouldn't say that about Notre Dame, but like that's what's going to be the conversation, right? And then Clemson will obviously have Trevor Laurence in the A C C championship game, right? And all of a sudden you have to 10 and one teams at the end of the season, and we're we just spent last segment, arguing about the fact that there's not a four team. I think it could work out really well for the A. C. C. If if Notre Dame can pull off the upset with both those teams getting into the play off down the road? Yeah, I said the same. They get two teams in there, except the one thing is that the route encounters two teams in the A. C C. Considering No Today movie doesn't play in that conference. But just for this year, it could be two teams. In the end, the A C C will get ritual Ah, while rather money distributed, Nor do I care. But, yeah, two teams from the A. C C is a strong possibility right now. I don't think there's going to be a team from the Big 10 was what's going to Ohio State, but it is certainly not going to be Michigan or anybody else. This year. Wisconsin is in big trouble even trying to finish out the season only the other day one of the wild card out there is the Pac 12 eyes, somebody you go and stand out going to feed it. You know, Run the run. The schedule posted only play like two games or something. What do they write? Plays six something. What is 66? Plus the conference championship game. Ridiculous. Thank you. Let me tell you this. First of all, I don't think it's gonna happen. So so before I let me finish the sentence before you started the fire you again? Yes. Two things one. We're watching a BYU team right now. That's really fun, and I don't I don't play anybody, but they have like the number two offense in the country. Their quarterback Zach Wilson, is a guy that people think could potentially be first round pick this year. And then also, don't forget about Cincinnati. Man. They are steamrolling. Everybody s as they improved today to five. You know, Um, I'd like to see one of those teams get in. Do I think it's going to happen? I don't it be pretty cool, especially BYU because they're really, really fun to watch. While you could really make a case I would love the sea, a teams and that this year and take like three or even four teams like you mentioned. On DH, see what they could do like a Cincinnati or something of BYU? I At one point I thought that army was maybe going to go ahead and run the table. But whatever I'd love to see you, like teams like that get a chance this year. Especially when there's nobody really dominant some of the other conferences that that'd be a good chance I love this year they would do against the big boys out there, you know, I agree. And like I said, especially first of all, Cincinnati plays really defense like they have got, you know, they last year, played against a couple power five teams and played really well and they're really well coached. Obviously, their head coach Luke Fickell, was at Ohio State forever. But BYU man like that that quarterback Zach Wilson, who is a potential first round pick, like I just said, the way that they score. I don't know defensively that they could keep up. They just make it really fun, And I'd rather see that. You know, we just argued about Oklahoma. We just You know, we're like a coastal Carolina to something like that. I'll tell you what to P P Tex point. I would rather see an undefeated team like that. Then ah to Los Oklahoma to lost Notre Dame Wisconsin, who's only played five games, a two lost Florida. I'd rather see a team like that, even if I don't think they had much of a chance to win. Yeah, we'll get if you could expand it to aid if it's just four teams that I'm not for doing something like that, Then I'm like no, let's pump. Let's get the best teams in there. Even if they have one loss again. I don't think he's going to get you and I don't think anybody from the big 12 is going to get into our is sorry to burst your bubble out there that conferences Absolutely disgusting. It is a god. Chris Plank isn't here. Thank goodness is Oklahoma Team one, but that's just not. Ah, very good conference at all. It's disgusting. Texas with wind today, vory lucky to go and not lucky, but they beat Oklahoma State. That was a good game out there. That was the last off the unbeaten, So the big truck is gonna have nothing in there, Right? Look. We just crushed our number One just flew on by my goodness. You want to be part of the show, Aaron underscore Torres. I'm it's thinking genius. One will wrap up the college football. And we're going to get you ready for to a time. Is my dolphins Make a run for the Super Bowl. Yeah, Fire fire me. If that doesn't happen, for crying out loud, we'll get to that next right here on Fox Sports Radio..

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