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Someone found the body at a construction site at the corner of Ross sterling and e Collins they called nine one one at about six thirty this morning, it appears to be work to a parking garage. A spokesperson with memorial Hermann hospital. Sent us a statement reading in park, quote, local law enforcement is currently investigating the discovery of a deceased individual in a closed area of an exterior construction site on the campus at this time. We do not believe the individual has any connection to the hospital memorial Hermann is also cooperating with investigators channel two's, Kathy. Hernandez, a heavy set woman wearing sunglasses a hat and maybe a wig robbed a chase Bank branch. And research forest drive in the Woodland's around nine this morning, deputies say they're looking for the female bandit driving, a maroon SUV Ford issues a big recall forties, issuing three recalls covering about a million and a half Ford and Lincoln vehicles. The problem is an unintended downshift. A first gear in certain F one fifty pickups at cost at least five accidents among other safety problems. The recalls are on select two thousand eleven to two thousand thirteen F one fifties with six feet automatic transmissions twenty seventeen to twenty one thousand nine Lincoln continentals and select twenty nine hundred miles of Mustangs, Nautilus and navigators cliff Saunders. Newsradio seven forty KTAR h Houston police asking for the public's help in finding a twelve year old girl last seen leaving a location on chimney rock last week. Emily Gonzalez was wearing black and white pants. She's five three one hundred twenty pounds described as having a medium Brown, complexion and Brown is few of information. You are urged to call HP D. Katie rates. News time is twelve. Oh, four on Wall Street. The Dow is now up eighty four to twenty five thousand five oh nine the NASDAQ up a dozen to seventy four twenty seven s and p five hundred up seven to twenty seven fifty one oil at fifty four sixteen and now max Gaines, SEA wealth management gives.

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