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And you know after Brooks and frank hit. The home runs in the first inning. I said boy. We know we have a chance to win this game now. We had a good ball club. We had won ninety seven games only three more than we had one in sixty five when the twins as you mentioned went to the world series but they want to. Franklin's over its forty nine home runs two more in the world series is the MVP triple crown. But Motor basket. Came in and you know Mo- We have picked up for twenty five thousand dollars on a waiver wire and he had a great arm. Great Command great breaking ball and I was sitting there at age twenty going. You know. They're having a little trouble with a High Fassulo and on that particular day As I mentioned a pitch my first shutout you know my command was pretty good. The fact that Willie Davis made two errors really three years on to fly balls in an errant throw. You know I got enough runs where you know again. It wasn't a one nothing game. Which is what happened with volley bunker be coasting and game three or when the guy came back the Don Drysdale one nothing in Baltimore on a Frank Robinson. Home run so you know? I think a lot of times you you know. If you're pitcher like I am and you just go out there and compete and the stars were aligned. That day you know again because of the errors in fact it and who knew that I was going to be sands last game because he was coming off and just well typical. Colfax the The year you know if you go back in you know from sixty five to illegal you know maybe the early sixties to nineteen sixty six when he went on twenty seven games. What you remember about getting word that Sandy was retiring Was it a surprise for you? And did you ever get a chance to talk to sandy about pitching against each other that game? No but you know you mentioned the fact that you always you know you always Kinda pitchers with starting pitcher and you know on on the Monday before The first game is Tuesday. I think maybe the Wednesday game was the game that I believe. That's the day that I ended up pitching. I know it was game too. I remember taking you know. Shake hands with Sandy. But you know again when you grow up in southern California for forty years and you go to dodger stadium and You know people say well who you know. Who did you want to emulate? I wasn't left handed so I really couldn't be saying he coca. That could be done Drysdale. Who you know made every right handed hitter. They got into the box uncomfortable because he was very much like Bob Gibson. You know you again you go on your your rear end you know. Colfax you know. Sandy was more genteel. Probably I mean I probably was more of a right hand version where you know. I only think I hit thirty nine batters in maybe four thousand. Not that I couldn't pitch in I just. I was more of a kind of a vertical not horizontal pitcher like Drysdale it gets into whatever and Sandy was the same type of Guy. But you know anybody that you know. I mean I I you know I knew about the perfect games and the no hitters. I mean buster. Who Sandy Koufax you just like. I said you don't want to embarrass yourself and you know again i. I don't think anybody anticipated number. One the Orioles winning in nineteen sixty six because she mentioned dodgers. You know they'd beating the they'd be the The Yankees Sixty three. There'd be the twins the real good ball club and sixty five and then all of a sudden they're planning the Orioles and again. Why is we had a good team? You know we went ninety. Seven Games I think that everybody thought that their speed and especially to their pitching would dominated. And it's just amazing that one team in four games only hits one twenty five and that was the padding average for the dodgers against the oil pitching staff and sixty six. Yeah still by by by the numbers the worst performance for any team in world series history. You mentioned no no no no. Let's rephrase let's rephrase it was about reform of any so you mentioned you hit You know how few batters you hit during your career. Your manager Earl was was not in line with the thinking of a lot of other managers who believe strongly in retaliation he was. He was kind of ahead of his time. And I remember a story. We mentioned bike Messina early in his career you got. There was a huge dust up between the orioles and the Seattle Mariners and Mike hit bill. Hassell men because he was told to and then he got hurt in the subsequent brawl. Mike told me after that he said I never would do that again. how did you? How did you feel about about earls handling of those situations in the way that he viewed the whole question of retaliation? Well I played for from sixty nine through eighty two and the only time I ever remember him telling anybody to told anybody was the game. That in nineteen six Reggie Jackson came out. Remiss five Five weeks You know twenty nine runs a kind of cost us dependent because you know he held out him. You know you wanted a five year deal. The Orioles really didn't have much force on it because he would've signed for a lot less than he ultimately would sign at the end of the year as free agent with the Yankees. But we were. We were playing duck Alyssa stitch. And you know somebody tried to drop down. And you know doc you know. Look into the DUGOUT and yells. You know the next one of you so and so's I'm GonNa hit you right inside the head and Reggie got up on the third day he says you WanNa hit somebody get me. Well next time up got hit him right in the side of the face. The right between right below the jaw Maybe a little bit underneath the year and they brought the EMC truck right out on the field and they They took Reggie to go to hospital. And I go out to pitch the cop the ninth inning and I have a four nothing lead and Erlichs me as I'm going up the steps that he says you know. We can't let that happen now. That's the only time ever heard him ever do it? And as it turned out you know. The first hitter was elrod. Hendricks he'd been traded to the Yankees Along with the Rick Dempsey tippy Martinez Trade. And whatever and I'm not gonNA throw it the guy that common no hitter so I actually hung occur ball and they'll rats live out to deep centerfield for the first down. Here comes Mickey rivers and trying to hit Mickey Rivers. Because anybody that ever saw me play was marvellous player. But he was always moving. I mean he was like you know the guy you know the arcade bear. You're trying to get with a rifle when you're a kid to win the win price. Well definitely four pitches to nick him in kind of in the not ribcage but really got his uniform and of course he goes down to first base You know Because it's four nothing plays Bu Powell behind him and then This would be no Eddie. Murray hadn't been I'm not even sure who was playing first at night but anyway played behind him. He steals second base because they give him the stolen base. Roy White done single in. Now it's four to one so I I lose my shutout. I ended up getting two outs. We win four to one. We go to Detroit early in the morning the next day and they macphail when I mean walk into my hotel in League scale phone rings and it's like hey how's the family. How's the weather by the way he said I read in the paper where you you said that you were protecting your team that I said. Yeah I said you know. Ask The empires doc yell from the Mount Everybody here. It didn't hurt in in the MEZZANINE. Anyway he says that's GonNa cost you five hundred dollars and is so so for you know hitting the one guy that Earl Weaver. Gopi to hit. Which was Nikki Nikki River? And I didn't hit him in the face. I mean Nick them in. The uniform cost five hundred dollars. I got the Joe Cronin Award because I did a lot of work with. Cystic fibrosis. Got Invited to get the award at the place. And I'm sitting next to Lee and he goes by the way he says you know. I'm never going to five hundred dollars so I said Oh. Yeah I'll send you the check. Well I forgot about it all winter and I get a telegram from the American League Office today before going to Pitch Opening Day in Baltimore. You see if you expect pitch you know tomorrow. I need to get the money. So that's that's the Earl Weaver Philosophy you know but Yeh Grand Jackson came over eat. Somebody UP IN SEATTLE EARL. Ran Out to the mound. He said take a look at our third. Baseman is our third baseman better than theirs. In Bucks at yeah and he goes labradors shortstop right around the field because early one. Anybody her you know he just realized that if we had really good clubs if you played on you know you play it and you didn't get hurt and you didn't let your ego and you know get in the way of good sense. We were GONNA lot of games. And that's why Earl Gotten Hall of fame and we went to six world series. I looked it up by the way you were talking. Lemay was your first Baseman For that particular game I WANNA ask you about pitching to to to various hall of famers and what that was like I. I looked up your numbers against Mickey Mantle. He was one for fourteen with seven strikeouts against you. The one hit a home run. What you remember about Pitch Nam? And what was that like as a young pitcher the first time well you know we put on all shifts now and I mean. I'm I'm not sure I'd be a big advocate. A lot of the chefs. But I think the first time I'd say Nikki hit a ground ball to my legs I go you know you know. I kinda hung my head and the aperture you show who you know ends up in. The hall of fame is playing shortstop for us. In sixty five you know catches it throws them out the the one hits you talk about happened in nineteen sixty six. I believe in you know Mickey was at the end of his career. You know in the sense that his knees were pretty much much better hitter. What he was facing lefthanded pitching getting right. And then of course I was right and so I got this. Just ride the on him so I strike him out the first time afternoon. Game at the stadium and He comes up the next time. I think maybe the bottom the six at the bottom of the seventh inning and each baron. Who was catching said Nick. Choking up he says yeah. I'M GONNA try to get that high fastball and I go to balls and no strikes on them and I look over and Guess. Who's on Deck Roger Ramirez now even at age twenty buster? I was smart enough to know. You are not going to pitch around key but the two you know with the two nothing lane onto and okay. Now you're GonNa try to give them some hit well. I talked a little bit off to try to throw a strike and there used to be football spotters. Box done the third deck just to the right of where the bullpens were both ends and back then were up there shoot and right field and up to shoot the you know the visiting team. Buffy Willie is splintered the box I mean it. It didn't go as high wasn't a game like you know. Robert Redford and the national in the national but it was close enough. And that's the only Nikki Mickey ever got off me but you know. I saw him hit his five hundred runoff. Stu Miller and at the stadium and somebody tweeted you. Know what are you doing now? You know your social distancing yourself. You're washing your hands trying to get some exercise you know probably watching more TV than you really need to do but somebody. I tweeted the other day. They said you know Mickey Mantle or did you grow up I said is that when Mickey Mantle. I mean I grew up in New York. I was adopted at birth I love the Yankees. My Dad just like billy crystal talks about city slickers he. He took me to the stadium in nineteen fifty four was a Tuesday night. It was before color television and when I walked up with that. You know up up up the stadium ramps. It was raining that night and I think Allie Reynolds pitch for the Yankees and make our C. Pitch for the Indians. I didn't like the Indians and fifty four is a beat. The Yankees would lose for the giants in the world series but that was my first time and then ten years later I came in and relief of a Frankie Bettina after. Fill.

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