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As opposed to any specific sort of discrimination against me as a woman All right so great to catch up with you Thank you so much Good luck with everything Thank you very much Check back again 'cause we'd love to hear more about your portfolio We've been talking with Valerie Shen She is here for graduate school of business class of 2019 partner chief operating officer at G two venture partners But it is truly one of my favorite conversations Just trying to get an idea of what are the new things coming down the road Venture capitalists certainly understand because they're the ones who are seeing this play out in real time Totally All right let's get back to world the national news over to Nancy Lion She's in our D.C. studio Let's take it away Thanks Carol Nicolas Cruz accused of carrying out the 2018 mass shooting in marjory Stoneman Douglas high school in Parkland Florida is apparently ready to change his plea in the case to guilty his lawyers has his lawyer has indicated he would plead guilty to 17 counts of murder 17 counts of attempted murder The police would apparently come without conditions prosecutors still plan to seek the death penalty U.S. consumer sentiment about the economy and its future measured monthly by the University of Michigan has fallen by more than a full percentage point It's been going that way for three months now Richard Curtin director of the survey said in a Bloomberg interview Consumers remain rather domestic confidence is really declined in how consumers hear the ability of the government to manage the economy You have the future of inflation Consumers have lost the notion that it won't be transmit At the same time according to the commerce department retail sales increased but curtain attributed that largely to the increase in prices in Washington or of Chapman Bloomberg radio President Biden while promoting his build back better agenda at a child care facility in Connecticut took time this afternoon to say he's been trying to get in touch with former president Bill Clinton who's recovering in a California hospital after being diagnosed with an infection I've been changing exchanging calls He seems to be going well and doing well and so when I talk to him out but let you all know Clinton spokesman says the former president is on the mend and responding well to antibiotics Global news 24 hours.

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