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One team in one city can change when that one player's name is called the breaking news, the inside and the announced, all right up to the first pick of the NBA draft. So big, soc strong so athletic. I don't know that we've seen anything like this sports Thursday, six eastern right after PTO. Sportscenter tonight after Vanderbilt Mississippi State with sage in Kevin on the eve of the draft eleven interview was ion plus the latest developments in the David Ortiz investigation and a breakdown of nineteen year old freshmen ace Kumar rockers performance for vandy in Omaha sportscenter app, he college World Series on ESPN and the ESPN app. All right. You know what's so cool. Why says he's a fun guy. You know what he continues to live up to that, take a look at this with him, and Serge Ibaka living their best post championship life. Now you own and get champions. What is the worst junk food you can eat this drink alcohol and in desert all the time? What did he do that? That's basically how lose all the dogs. I mean is that? Jaylen polls that Tuesday. Anyway, as you can see we have grown. It is a delight to bring Zach Lowe under the. The free agency and the one, the only Jay Bill here. He'll be across the river tomorrow night for the NBA draft. And we're not to get too as we roll along as always from the seaport district pure seventeen. Brought to.

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