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And check it out turn around and leave and you know it really sit again on a short term basis and that mismatch of right rations of the leases you know for real estate people's just a fundamental no no you know yeah and this let's do this we're at the plaza hotel you're the palm court David Wilson the breakfast here today is absolutely extraordinary believe this one hello we said in nineteen sixty two or they're putting together the third classic book of Eloise in the plaza David Wilson Tellus of some equities this morning all right Tom let's start without tree a group it's up to percent in early trading the US cigarette maker ended merger talks with sister company Philip Morris international and one of our trees top executives Casey cross way left to become CEO of the E. cigarette maker tool labs he succeeded Kevin burns Austria holds a thirty five percent stake in jolt felt Morris by the way out more than seven percent that company true going to focus on introducing I coast there right cigarette alternative in the US Nike is up five percent the athletic wear maker's earnings revenue for the fiscal first quarter beat the highest and lowest estimates in a Bloomberg survey results showed night night he was able to bounce back from a fourth quarter profits I guess that I guess that fourth quarter was just a blip indeed it was a whole sure looking that way after read the latest results throughout Broadcom's down four percent the chip makers raising three and a quarter billion dollars per sale convertible preferred stock Broadcom will use the proceeds to reduce that marathon petroleum up about six percent activist investor Elliott management call for fire to split into three companies now it disclose equipment a two and a half percent stake in marathon HD supply holdings also planning a break up higher by five percent the building product distributor said its construction and maintenance supply units will become separate.

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