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Navy brochure reynolds was a student of mine love cheryl. I've known her since she was a first year optometry students and she showed that leadership by the way in her first year. I remember that you do so much more than i know. It's become a bit of say. But i'm not going to step often we can. We will and i salute you guys were bringing to the forefront in any time you want me to do anything to come forward tell our story talked about what we're doing be side by side with man. I am willing to do that anytime any blitz man. I greatly appreciate that. And i greatly appreciate his hanging out with me You know industry. You're listening We need money that howard priscilla stated. I mean this is something that is needed to to to make changes. No doubt about it so You know all these big partners out there. Let's step it up though some money at this. Let's have the backing this make it make it take place i mean. Let's think about think about jobs campaign you know like look at all the money that went into that. Why not put that money into the industry to make it more diverse right the students. Let's let's make something like that happening. If you need someone to help orchestrate that talk to me. Talk to dr adam ramsey. Talk to dr howard. Priscilla doctor s his johnson Dr jennifer lyon. We all care about just creating a more diverse platform and landscaping optometry. We are willing to sit down and make it happen. We have the connections. We have the drive. You have the passion. All you gotta do is pick up the phone call. Can adler is not fence. Even prior to all this. I try to sit on is any of the vents as i could. And we have our friends at those s. What i'll do because you challenge me on it's not gonna throw went atkins new. Let's agree with let's own natta. Let's talk to some people. Were willing not everybody but there are some who would. There is no different actors on this. Let's listen to that. Were clear that. I think see conform. You wanna clear that we want to hear dallas had the open dialogue. The only way. We're going to make products so i encourage you to not only bring people like me the believe in what you're talking about and there's a lot of those but let's talk to those aren't believing as much less understand where they're coming from. Help them understand where we're coming from. I think that could be a huge positive industry and very few people do that. I think this would be a wonderful a show of of solid earnings within our group. We're all want to see. None of the people have called me some really nasty things. None of that one anything but to see thomas league rain and succeed and grow and develop they all want that given. We all want the same thing. Let's together and figure out the hallam yet. They're a man my brother pastor. Dr howard resell over there. Preacher t odyssey. Snow will thank you so much for hanging out with me. And your favorite optometrist. Dr glover in dr howard chris sale we look forward to hanging out with you on the next episode. You guys have a great one. Stay healthy stay positive stay..

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