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Just, it just felt like, you know, these guys are under stress, essentially. They're in their own heads. It's not that being the case with poetic. It seems like Mexico has a whole team full of guys who are playing like that. And just before that, Chucky doesn't went down the left and instead of continuing down the left, he came back across inside, brought yedlin inside, and he forced a shot that curled over the top. It was a, you know, it was a decent effort, but he seemed, I think at that point, Andrew, Mexico were struggling to create struggling to break down in general passages of players struggling to get a rhythm together, and we saw what became hero ball, which is trying to get long range shots, stuff that's never going to really make Zack Stefan be worried or concerned. And that's the sign of a team under immense pressure. And when you saw how the Mexican supporters reacted at the end, they were shouting for a tatar with fire tatter is my translation. And the booing and there was a point in the game where it was getting a little bit stretched, but even then Mexico's decision making and they're shot options weren't very good. You know, it's interesting with Mexico and, you know, you talk about the chance for Tata and the way the fans feel about the team. We're in a U.S. bubble. We think in terms of our own team and the stress that this fan base feels about this American team for however, we feel about the U.S. and we love them, but they frustrate us at times. We sometimes expect more. We didn't necessarily think we'd be going into this final week of qualifying feeling as nervous as we do. I mean, if that's how we feel, what are Mexican fans feeling about their team? Like they are the ones with the veteran group that this was none of this was supposed to be a problem. They have the manager that a lot of American fans wanted. You know, and they have these three straight losses against their rival, the U.S. on their resume. Now it's four straight unbeaten for the U.S. against Mexico, including this one at the azteca, which is just not supposed to happen. I mean, think about that, American fans, whatever you're feeling about your own team right now, any kind of frustrations or anything like that. It's tenfold, I think, for the way Mexican fans feel about their own team right now. This isn't the perfect barometer because it wasn't the team that played tonight and it would and turn out to be Greg bear hall towards preferred site. But if you rewind back to September 2019 and that friendly match, which was to call it a friendly, the tension and atmosphere at the Meadowlands for that game just goes to show you the depths of this rivalry. But if you recall how Mexico played that night, their speed of play, I mean, what tecate or did to sergino dest for one of the goals, just talk them to the absolute laundrette. And you watch that and you look, if you're from a Mexican perspective, they've gone so far back. They've fallen so far back. They look a shadow of that team that played that night, Andrew. I mean, they're pressed that night was, again, this was a U.S. team under development. But the press that night was so clinical, their speed of play was so sharp. That's not the team we're seeing right now. So we continue now 61st, we start to see the substitutions rain, P fock, here we go. My guy, P fock, he's in. I texted you right away. I said it's P fock time. Oh, and you texted it in capitals as well. All caps to emphasize my feelings on the matter. And now we get into the point of this match where I talked about my stressful Ness, my clenching up in certain areas. Now this is where we start to get into that. This next 11 to 12, 13 minute stretch. It was starting to come Fast & Furious. 66 minute good build up from Mexico, ball played across, and edlin, who was running on fumes even at that point, I thought, really important intervention at the back post cleared any sort of crisis that there might have been averted. I thought that was a good job by him. Then into the 70th, yikes, a near penalty on walker Zimmerman on a challenge of raul Jimenez. I think they got to the right call. How did that happen though? How did that happen? Eunice moose had given it away in a bad area in an area you can't do it and suddenly max gore in. This was not great Mexican play. This was us shooting ourselves in the foot. What did you think of the Zimmerman challenge? Anything. Anything in there is dangerous. I think on another day that can be given as a penalty, but Jimenez has gone too hard for it. He is, he's gone old Golden Globes on this one, and that was my problem with it. He tried, he tried to add a bit of relish to it. And the referee wasn't having it. And then JJ, the 72nd minute. Oh boy. Acosta, terrain, beautiful.

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