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He was getting my second round selection. Just I can tell you the first few rounds of this draft did not go my way like every got that. I wanted to. That I heard a lot of CG Anderson talk in the preseason. Yeah, but McCaffrey they, they were really high on, I think for the like we look at brands team, he's wide receiver. He's good. Connor as long as he's still starting, gives him edge just because he's a guy, it's going to get a lot of touch. No matter what. 'cause they really don't have anyone else besides to get carries. No God by Sunday Sunday, this this pick be completely different. Because they really bell plays and he keeps Stafford instead of luck like, yeah, I don't know why it's luck has a tough. I don't do wash it as a tough match-up, but even so Stafford did not give you any faith. No, he look. And I don't San Francisco, you know, say what you will. They didn't play tarot against Minnesota. I mean, there are a couple there were just a couple of his actions from actually waiting that game. But. Staffer gave no hope. I think it's purely for the projected stats. I think he's gonna put luck in at the last minute or whatever. I think he just wants to look like he can earn more more points. Yeah. It's and just defense wides. I think pretty even this. It really depends on camp obey. The edge could go just for brand because if the if Tampa Bay does not play as well as they did, they, they played out of their mind. Last week. I don't expect that to happen again. Especially the eagles defense which was stifling. Against atlanta. I could see them being at least getting a couple of picks, and maybe one for touchdown. Got you. Talking me into you, talking me into switching here. This yet. Doddie has no running. Carlos Hyde is okay. I think those highs pretty damn good. But in Cleveland planning New Orleans, they're not going to be able to just run. They're gonna have to just pass, pass, pass. It really. I mean, call is hot again is not what sexy. Picks for rightback's, but he's a good Rb to yell is pretty much illustrated that last week. Kids pass block. I have no idea. I know he's, he was underrated for power, many years. He was in San Francisco, but Kenny pass block. I mean, he was after time. I mean you had twenty rushes. I mean, granted for sixty two yards. And then in that game, the whole time, this is against this is at New Orleans where New Orleans to score eighty points. I wanna say, I don't know with New Orleans. I, I got screwed by their defense and by fourteen league because they gave me negative points. But. Terrar- Taylor is, you know he's going to do. He's gonna score. You least eighteen to twenty points. He's gonna look right doing it. But 'cause he's they like there. I don't see anyone else getting a chance to really. Take any carriageway diet nothern Gordon. His Mellon Gordon's great, but Brady's facing the Jags. At in Jacksonville. Yeah, it could be raining. It could be a crappy Sunday. Okay. All right..

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