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I gotta find a new way to introduce you every day. Eight Markgraff, I'm Sebastian sell Assad. And, and we are joined also by another US international legend Julie Foudy, who live with us for the first time from France. The last time we saw her during our preview show, actually the last time we saw her Kate was with champagne glass in hand and mbacke Ganda bag at on sportscenter look Julie. I'm impressed by you. Right. Podcast co on your published author, but you go on sportscenter with champagne in a bag at I mean I mean, the carbo load of music. Thank you. Cute scarf on, and I would have been very French. It is it is the home of champagne. My friends, one must actually tag pieces with champagne. That's mandatory. When you come to a Ron's capital journalism with Jay from our, our one and only, Julie Foudy J. So julie. I will. I'll start with this. You've covered World Cups Olympics. You've covered special Olympic, so like big global events. Is there anything noteworthy or different or special about what you're experiencing so far these days in France? It was it was awesome actually to, to, to hear. I actually flew the, the night that France was playing over here. But you hear all the stories of the enthusiasm and the craziness around that French game in Paris, in our little town of Rum's rhymes, if you're American rounds if you're French is starting to bubble up because the Americans are coming in. There were some Norwegians here the other day, so I haven't been outside of our little town much. But you can see that the enthusiasm is building for sure. I'm jealous. I got a little bit this little bit. Are you seeing a bunch of the US players out and about Fouts? Yeah. They, it's nice because it's got a lot of I mean it's just like Bristol, Connecticut here. Really, it's really like it. Is there is there a lot? It's enough cute. There's a lot of cute outdoor cafes. And. Coffee shops. And, and you know like. K we've never been in that last group. And so never had to wait as a team this long. And it I can't even imagine I mean, obviously, we remember how much you just wanted to get that first game out of the way and feel good about it and gain some confidence and keep going and get the party started. But this is a lot of waiting and you're watching, and they're watching the French team play really well on that home opener. So they're sitting on that as well. And the possibility of meeting them in the quarter. So it's, it's a lot of coffee. I've seen them. I've seen them quite a bit sitting around town. Just trying to kill the time to me is the most interesting kind of dynamic around this way, does that they've had to see Kate everybody else play and in some cases, everybody else particular team. They're worried about play really, really well, right? I think France did more good for themselves in terms of. Kind of psyching up not out. That's not the correct word the United States more than the victory. They had against them in January when US played France in January. Right. And these are two teams that could face each other in the quarter-final, if they finished how we predict them to when they play them in January, France was amazing. But they also were informed in season. So they were in shape, US was not. And they had a lot of players injured. So they've always been on a fallback like we weren't at our full strength. But then when you watch France do what they did the South Korea and do it. So easily for ninety minutes are the only team that's put together a ninety minute performance that gets in your psyche. A little bit more, of course, resilient and strong Bill to handle it. But I think if anything it makes them dial in and focus a little bit more in practice. 'cause it's like we gotta be already, there's gonna be no like lackadaisical. Nece USA, of course. So opening up agree. Go ahead. Julie? Yeah, I agree. And it it it's sharpness. Right. You go. Okay. They're not rattled by that home opener. They're looking good. We got to be on our game..

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