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That's a bomb hit it over goalposts bullpens the yankee bullpen had fraud angel bullpen is in back at it hit the stands and they said four forty seven i'll tell you what my gps is working tonight i offering is infrastructure aaron hicks you feel good about it hundred thirteen miles an hour four hundred and thirty some odd great live on the call games here offering cut out admits i just remember the one game we did together here it's like a second behind to go to the water fountain you're going to yep you hear the yankee fans chanted let's go yankees here's your too and they're got him looking skaggs picks up his seventh strikeout to away way to get right back on track you looked at to run bomb settle it in you got a guy like david ross behind the ditch saying it's alright forget about he gave up the two run bomb all right let's get the next guy rally them in there punch out the next hitter rossi has no idea he's just looking at a small and right now like grandpa doesn't have the hearing aids in because he doesn't have a headset vogue and he just kind of thinks you're saying good things pitches incre strike now i was just popping rogue reading he couldn't hear something good's coming and he's smiling didn't have the hearing aids breaking ball foul third base bill beverly doing the coaching third base spots reggie willits in that first base and favorite johnny hustle and he's here.

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