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Greg's gone, hanging out with his mom. I'm mommy's boy. We got bless here. We got bear. We're about to have a good time. We're getting into the D 23 news. Blast starting that off. Overall, how was it? Dude, it was fantastic. It was such a good time. Of course, that was my first time actually attending D 23, the expo. And when I tell you that this is going to sound so pandering, but whatever. The energy at D 23 is so good compared to so many other cons that I've been to, where you go in and everybody's just happy to stand Mickey Mouse and hang out with marvel people and have fun like being fans of all this stuff that is inherently wholesome. Like compared to like video game conventions or other nerd conventions. It's hard to be salty about Mickey Mouse. And so just hanging out with the expo was fun by itself. But then also, when I tell you, Tim, that I feel like every other hour I was doing some dope thing that I wasn't expecting to be doing. So for people who probably watched the showcase, right? Of course, the showcase happened and then I got to host the panel live on the D 23 stage on the premiere stage. And that was a really cool thing. That was for me the thing that I was trying to the thing that I was kind of thinking about the whole time and working my nerves up because that was a big stage, big audience, all that stuff went really well, I had a really good time interviewed a bunch of dope developers, but then throughout the weekend, there were these live D 23 expo stage shows. Where on the expo floor, there's a stage that is being live streamed to YouTube and other social channels. What I didn't know. And I knew I know it's going to be hosting those segments. What I didn't know is that straw had goofy. One of my favorite TikTokers was going to be basically in showing an actual in my segments. And so it's me. Yeah, so sick, right? So it's me getting to sit down and then straw Hague being like, all right, now we're going to kick to blessing and the developers of Tron identity to talk about the game or whatever. And it's him in controlling the natural enemy. Barrett got the photo pulled up that I took with him afterwards. I got to meet him. That was super dope. To my text view this on Sunday. So yesterday, for one of the stage segments, we did a thing for Disney illusion island, which is the four player co op Mickey Mouse platforming game. And yeah, and I sat down and there were like, hey, for this segment, we're going to have you co hosted with Brett Ewan. And Brett Ewan is the voice of Mickey Mouse. And I was like, wait, I'm going to co host this segment and talk about this game with the voice of Mickey Mouse. Let's go. Got to do that. It was really fun. And then yeah, it was just overall a great time. I got to go to Disneyland for the first time. Tim, which was really cool. More about that with you later. Yeah, I didn't get to do much. I was only there for a couple of hours, but I got the highlights of what I wanted to do, so I got to go to marvel Avengers campus. 8 at Hanks pym's test kitchen, which is the ant man. We're size proportions food. That was really fun. Peaked in the galaxy's edge, got some pictures with a lightsaber. A kid let me borrow his lightsaber. A lot of people were like, yo, did you actually do the lightsaber thing? I was like, no, I didn't have time. But when I got the picture as a kid, that happened to get pictures also. He was like, hey do you want to hold my lightsaber? And I was like, oh, yeah. They had done. Number three. Wait, that was a good time. It was a really great week. That is awesome. But we're so proud of you. You killed it. You absolutely crushed it. Like, I can't wait to talk to you more about the panels that we didn't even get to see. Because yeah, like you were saying, you got to do a whole bunch of interviews and stuff. But I mean, if you want to talk about talk about some of it during the story, I can give you some stuff. Because now they've uploaded portions into the marvel entertainment YouTube channel for the marvel games that people want to check those out where it's me interviewing Mark bernardin and Amy hennig for the Captain America Black Panther game, but then also the interviews for the marvel naive game that they announced also in some more stuff. There, if you want to learn more about the games that they announced, my talks are over on marvel entertainment. The same YouTube channel that uploads the freaking marvel trailers, which is the dopest shit ever. So proud of you, man, and it's awesome. Do you hurt us backstage? I didn't, I didn't. I saw somebody who was either a mon velani or who looked a lot like velani, walked past me, and I was like too stunned to speak. But I also saw, I did see in the green room, Lawrence fishburne, and I was taking, I was taking so by surprise. I looked and I was like, is that Lawrence? Is that morpheus? Is that the guy from ant man two? Perry white. You're thinking of Perry white from Batman V Superman. Oh God, Craig. Oh God, I love you so much. So where do we leave Austin? We start the story. We started story number four. We haven't even really got to do it.

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