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Out a form either online or You can print out the form and submitted and sent it by regular mail need hard proof. Even sooner. The docket app. Not only has records of your shots, it also can create a print out that includes New Jersey Department of Health letterhead. Dino Philomena, New Jersey one on 1.5 News. New Jersey's first news, 5 40. There are concerns about another injury a great adventure in a summer that has seen a series of mishaps at the park. This latest incident involved the tornado funnel slide at Hurricane Harbor. Adult was taken to the hospital with neck and back pain. After finishing the ride. A spokesman wouldn't give any details about the park goers, the Asbury Park press or to us as a part fully reopened for the season. There were a series of incidents on some of the park's most popular rides on June 13th. Two riders taken to the hospital after a malfunction on the Log flume ride. A partial derailment of the El Toro roller coaster led the state right inspectors shutting that coaster down. July 14th a boycott his head riding the Joker roller coaster and was hospitalized. August 29th, the park visitor fell off the roof of a building. He was in a restricted area of the park and had to be taken to the hospital. An effort, led by Princeton University, which also includes Rutgers and Jit and several out of state colleges and Rowan University are all hoping to educate faculty and students alike and how to bring their innovations. From the laboratory to the marketplace. The National Science Foundation Innovation Corps, or Ike, or Northeast Hub may focus Summerlee Energy on Covid Technology Rohan professor Dr Nidal Bonaya, reminding us how Pfizer and Moderna turned over their entire R and D operations to the virus early last year, But it's a wide range of ideas. They will consider a I analytics. Health care, transportation, infrastructure and K 12 education, Whether they have the product the prototype or not, or they just have the algorithm and some preliminary results. We want to train them. The United States regularly spends billions of dollars on innovation technology that doesn't pan out and identifying that earlier on could save a lot of money. Patrick Lavera, New Jersey one of 1.5 news How many jerseys First news. 5 41, New Jersey is not a very hardworking state rank in the bottom 10 at number 42, according to Wallet hub, releasing its 2021 hardest working states in America report, analyst Jill Gonzalez says all 50 states have been compared across 10 key metrics, including workweek hours to share of workers with multiple jobs to annual volunteer hours, she says. In New Jersey, there are shorter work weeks, shorter commute times and people not working multiple jobs. The state ranks well when it comes to indirect work factors. Things like commute time kind of average things like annual volunteer hours per resident. We do see that a lot of New Jersey and are volunteering. Average leisure time spent per day is about average. So depending on how you look at, it could be good things. Alaska is the hardest working state. New Mexico ranks dead last. Gen. Ursula, New Jersey, 1 to 1.5 News. How many jerseys First news? 5 42. We have a nice start to the back to school week in the Garden state will get an extended look and then recap our top stories next. New Jersey one at 1.5 has weather information just for you and you're part of the Garden State Online and on our app. You can check current conditions. What trade art set up.

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