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Is far easier to kill a terrorist than sustain ideology and that has always facts they folks who are prosecuting the campaign gales himachal lamont with the council on foreign relations the us has a good record when it comes to winning battles in the middle east what's hard she says is the aftermath and as long as the ground is still right for insurgency it's very hard to keep a war ended and the truth is no one really wants to pay for the rebuilding nationbuilding is a fourteen letter word that has become a fourletter word the islamic state stresses that it's waging a long war and the hard core leadership sees the recent setbacks as something that can be reversed greg my ry npr news washington for years president prisoners at the guantanamo bay naval base have had a creative outlet art three dozen pieces of that artwork are now on display at john j college of criminal justice in new york but the pentagon is not on board with the exhibit interest david on the reports the show so has prompted the defense department to clamp down on in made art the dispute over the guantanamo artwork really comes down to one question who owns it for commander and lee analyst the prison camps spokeswoman the answer is simple items produced by detainees during their detention here do remain the property of the department of defense we don't consider government on that that's alka per don she's the human rights expert on the legal team representing amar all baluchi his uncle is khalid sheikh mohammed the alleged mastermind of nine eleven attacks i'll baluchi is accused of acting as a courrier for osama bin laden and faces a possible death sentence senate investigation found he'd been brutally interrogated in a secret cia prison before arriving in guantanamo put on says a work by all baluchi being shown in new york a vortex of color dots titled vertical in guantanamo captures that ordeal evidence of his torture and the effects of his torture the continuing effective is torture fourteen years after he was kidnapped i'll baluchis cia interrogation was dramatized in the movie zero dark thirty ty you saw now when he lied to me i heard you i'll baluchi and thirteen others who also underwent ci interogations are called highvalue detainees.

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