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Then on the flip side tonight was pretty embarrassing by defensive coordinator who i think is really good in wink. Martindale time and time again. If you're the peyton manning eli manning broadcasts and we'll get into that in a second you might wanna mix up some stuff. It's like this is what we do. Well if you if you go to to play. Call is zero coverage. Meaning you're in man coverage and your blitzing. Everybody i get doing that every once in a while or in big spots. But if you've done it in seven big spots in a game like tonight there's just kinda bat shit crazy you've done it on every big spot they know it's coming in peyton and eli check to the play the gonna work against this coverage and he did it over and over and over again. Part of playing chess is mixing up your moves if you know every single time what i'm gonna do in football as a play caller offensively or defensively. It's a big disadvantage. You should have a couple curve balls in there. And i thought tonight for a guy who has a long resume of doing being an excellent defensive coordinator wink martindale tonight was not good. Tonight was borderline pretty embarrassing. Actually especially down the stretch of that last drive and then in overtime you can't run the same play call over and over and there were a couple of shots of john harbaugh talking to him kind of being like. What are we doing bro. Come on man. let's. Let's mix it up here. And i think you saw tonight and i love lamar jackson from an entertainment standpoint. He is a very fun player to watch run around. Who is not entertained by that. At point you watch him and you go. This is like a dude in high school. This is going you know. If you live in a small town. I grew up in davis california smaller town. So if a dude either or team that we played like in sacramento or the vacaville area. It's kind of like between the bay area and sacramento was going division one. We all talked about them right. This guy's going to usc this guy's going to oregon and usually that guy when you got on the field with them whether you played against them or whether it was when you were younger news watson from the stance. He was the best player by a mile. And that's how lamar looks running around in the nfl. It's insane it's like that's what a dude that's like going to alabama or lsu or texas. Looks like they're high school film. No one can touch him. Here's the problem. He's reckless with his body. And he's in the middle right now of negotiating a contract because he's known agent which is smart. I wouldn't wanna pay agent. You know a couple percent when really. They're not doing anything. And i think the ravens want to build this franchise around him. I mean really. They already have..

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