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I'm guessing you're going to be a attractive females have to be have to be like miss is jen she's twenty five years old she actually has a degree in civil engineering from the university in beijing but she says they just need someone to talk to from time to time to organize activities for them to ease some of the pressure now as you mentioned only good looking women need apply and the women say they don't really mind being subservient positions and so like alibaba they had a position open you had to be between the ages of twenty eight and thirty five with a good personal image in class bandou was advertising for marketing physician because gender discrimination china but only really men were allowed because there was so much business travel with these programmer motivators they make nine hundred and fifty dollars a month which is a lot of money in china and so ms shannon she has long black hair pill pale skin they focusing on her she wears red eye shadow to the office she always has a smile she goes by her nickname joy bulk of the bulk of our work is tending to the front desk organizing social events ordering snacks chatting with the programmers us she may call a programmer to a conference room and say did you have to work overtime my cash i understand your frustrations she went over to a gentleman who was twenty eight years old who had a foldout bed next to his desk ms shannon asked if his waist was still hurting from all the hours being bent over and he said oh you know yeah she said do you mind if you lay down and i give you a massage this is a very progressive idea and he said oh she said i'm not really good at it and he's like okay and then she started needing shoulders the men say if there are more beautiful women i would be happier in my job.

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