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For la dodgers a no hitter in monterrey mexico against the san diego padres who were striking out like crazy the giants win nine four it back to back games the same exact score the padre strikeout thirteen times runaway to to a major league record garrett cole nine inning one hit shutout one walk sixteen strikeouts is up there with shirts and kerry wood brandon morrow did it schilling people like that an amazing game for garrett cole the pine tar controversy controversy this week that trevor bauer started whether pitchers are using pine tar they get a bigger spin rate they're accusing garrett cole of that so sixteen strikeouts for him and then you get the story out of new york matt harvey the dark knight being released because he didn't want to go to the minor leagues and sandy alderson said okay we don't want to see you again and he is dfa and we'll see if i don't think the giants would take his contract but if no one picks them up which is very likely you could pick them up for five hundred thousand for whatever's left of that so probably obviously less because we play twenty percent of the season but all that happened yesterday so for a day of baseball you never know i can't imagine what's going to happen today although the yankees did win again today and sunny greg gotta win so maybe that's the start of something unusual today but what a day yesterday mardi real quick if you were the giants would you kick tires on harvey.

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