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And AM New York. good morning hurricane Dorian has been downgraded to a category one storm but it's still bringing rain and high winds to coastal North Carolina meanwhile search and rescue efforts are under way in the storm battered Bahamas. many there are still in shock there's no words to describe. and there was nothing I could have done I I can't live I'm Richard take its morning edition from NPR and WNYC. New York health department is investigating contaminants invading products it was a bad week for brexit and new series examines the rise of the Wu Tang clan what you say is true. Allen and the Wu Tang could be could be careful it's Friday September sixth the news is next. live from NPR news in Washington I'm Jeanine Herbst working Dorian has moved north and is now slamming the southern Outer Banks of North Carolina the category one storm hammered coastal areas along the way with rain and high winds as in pairs dole rose reports Dorian is threatening low lying towns that suffered major flooding last year. the noose river splashes over its banks in new Bern North Carolina ominous sign for a town that some major flooding from hurricane Florence a few blocks away Jean Kaufman is out walking his dog during a break in the rain he says Florence damaged a lot of properties here including his house we had seven feet of water in our street down the road here. older so I can be that bad so we're staying Dorian is expected to bring heavy rain and dangerous storm surges too much of eastern North Carolina troll rose NPR news new Bern. meanwhile search and rescue crews continue to look for survivors in the Bahamas we're Dorian hit as a category five hurricane leaving at least thirty people dead hundreds of others missing officials say they expect the death toll to rise forecasters will be looking closely at a monthly jobs report from the labor department this morning as they try to assess the strength of the US economy and your Scott Horsley reports the economy's been sending mixed signals in recent days about the toll taken by the ongoing trade war forecasters expect the report to show another solid month of job gains in August though perhaps not as strong as in the two previous months manufacturing in particular has seen a slowdown the much larger services sector has been less affected by the trade war between your commissary house of Wells Fargo securities so she'll be on the lookout for signs at factories.

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