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Booze over it. Right. Go back and watch it. They're still using fake crowd noise when they want to. No, you should be booing Kevin Owens because he's a bad guy. Yeah. You should boo him. You idiots. How dare you have independent thought? Yeah. Jimmy's play the audio from the ThunderDome. Yeah. So Jimmy Smith made a mistake right away saying tonight he goes tonight Big E defends himself inside a steel cage. Yeah, well. He caught it. Yeah. Biggie went for his spear through the ropes, but that's not a good idea in a cage man. No, no, no. No. 'cause in like two inches, you hit fucking cage. Owens Owens moved and biggie speared the cage like Goldberg running into the turnbuckle. Busted wide open. Yeah, you should have been. Owens did a moonsault off the top rope. He also hit a sunset flip powerbomb off the top rope. Later biggie tries to crawl out of the cage door, but Seth Rollins shows up and slams it in his face. Owens hits the papa power bomb, but biggie kicks out. And then Big E hits the big ending off the second rope and then crawls out of the door for the win. Seth Rollins is right there. Why not slam it in his face again? Yeah, right. I mean, you wanted this to keep going on, right? I mean, not that if Owens won or Big E one, it would have had any repercussions whatsoever. Right. And why didn't he just pin Owens after hitting the big ending off the second rope? Right, right. He's right there. You spent 9 seconds crawling to the door. Yeah. And you're the baby face. You want to pin them, you don't want to run away from him and escape the cage. Yeah. I know. I know. But yeah, Rollins attacks Big E right after the match. Then Seth goes for a curb stomp on Owens, but biggie gives Seth belly to belly suplex, and then biggie gives a KO and other big ending. You go to commercial. After the commercial break, Big E's dead. Biggie's dead, Seth's dead. Owens is dead. Yeah. Because during the break, Bobby Lashley came out and beat all of them up. Yeah, that's the best time to do it. So you can't guys you can't leave because something might happen in the commercial break that you couldn't see anyway. Right. Yeah. Right. Right. Three hour show. And they have to recap stuff we missed. I think it's like I really think it's some sort of like psychology thing where it's like you can't leave because stuff happens during the commercial breaks. Don't leave. Yeah. But I guess it's gonna be a four way at day one, right? Yeah, we still have 20 at the time, Owen said 26 days, I guess 25 days until day one. They could certainly add Bobby Lashley by then. Which poses the question, why did Seth Rollins have to win a ladder match? Right. To get a title shot. Correct actually can just be like all right, come on. Yeah. All right, you two. Yeah, of course. Next up we have queen Selena versus Nikki ash with Rhea Ripley and carmela ringside. Why? Yeah. You see, they won the tag team titles on them. Now we're back to singles matches? Of course. With the only two women tag teams in the company? Yes, yes. Yeah. There's no other no other tags here. Because 24/7 title. So she can't be in a tag team with anybody with whom, Mandy Rose on NXT, any no Tamina, the only one that was chasing her. So Nikki misses the cross body off the top rope and Vega hits code red for the win. Later backstage, Rhea and Nikki were walking and Rhea was trying to cheer up Nikki. But then someone walks up and asks, hey, I'm your biggest fan. Can I have your autograph? And Nick, he's like, okay, sure. But then the person says, oh, I'm sorry. I was asking him and then Jerry Lawler takes one step forward to walk into frame. Like, oh, you guys didn't see me. I was right here. I was like right next to you. Next to you. Yeah. Did you not see me? And it's me, Jerry, the king Lawler. So Jerry tells Niki. Who are you talking to? Right. Yeah. Ridiculous. So Jerry tells Nikki, tough loss kid, autograph to cheer you up. And Nikki shakes her head and walks away and then Jerry says, was it something I said? Stupid stupid stupid stupid. But yeah, how many bullshit? And then he's like, puppies. Did you see those puppies? And then rehab beats the shit out of it. Beat the fuck out of them. This is for the cat. Jerry. I like how Nicki didn't want her autograph from Jerry Lawler. Ouch. She's like, no, you're not funny anymore. Very out. I liked you better when I was 5 watching the attitude era. Yeah. That's fair. Next up we have the street profits versus A.J. Styles and omos. First round in the RK bromine mint. Who are you? Thank you. In the two match two three match, three minutes. Yeah. Stay tuned for our next bracket, which will be one round. Final four. Yeah. RK bro we're on commentary wearing blazers because riddle wanted them to be commentators and Orton hated it, but he did it anyway, so whatever. Styles set up for the phenomenal forearm on montes Ford. But omas tagged himself in and that threw off AJ. He was like, what the fuck are you doing? Yeah. And then omos just beat up Angelo Dawkins outside of the ring until he got counted out street profits of like a fucking simpleton like a stupid fuck. After the match, style tells omas, you gotta listen to me. That's how this team works. I know my shrugs AJ off and walks away from him. Which I'm glad because I was, you know, we want to see A.J. Styles versus agent WrestleMania. And if you're gonna do that, you gotta break these guys up now. Yes, very soon. Start playing in those seats. Not that plant grow. Yeah. And then what? And then at WrestleMania, you fuck the plant. That's right. Yeah. So then riddle gets on the road. Riddle gets in the ring and acts like a reporter. To ask styles for comments, AJ said it was just miscommunication between a great tag team, but you wouldn't know anything about that would you tag champ tag? Yeah. And then he goes, get the bang out of my face. Yeah. Riddle asked Randy if he has anything to add and Randy just says, nope. And then after that, Orton's like, I'm done doing this. Yeah. I'm done. And by done, you mean tagging with Omaha, right? Hey Randy. But this is the most interesting thing happening on raw tonight. You might as well jump in, bud. Go all in, dive right in. What do you mean, next up we have Robert Roode versus Damien priest for the United States championship priest retains with the reckoning, all right. And Dolph gets mad. Yeah. Dolph blindsides, priests are the super kick, so I guess ziegler versus priest next week. Yeah. Pour a big bob. And then after that, rude and Ziggler are together. Yep. And then back to just rude. Yes. And then just Ziggler again. Oh, do we have enough time for all that before day one? Right. We'll make time. Where's the triple threat? That's the pay per view. Yeah..

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