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A malawian causal they showed yet yeah we have flying cars it's called in claims exactly and guests will honey a sunscreen berry of her eyes accords songkhla i keep saying it over and over again i know it's ridiculous i'm saying there's a possibility in like a doctor's sue seemed world there are eye drops that have sunscreen in otc was also join talking wales boos as saying in forty years we won't genetically modified people last week we talked about pete's human embryos so do you think three hundred years ago the ever fucking thought we'd have human pig embryos were and you know what i'm saying i just con there is a rule the things we should be focusing on i know it's a ridiculous thing i'm not saying that we should be focused spend money and time during that allowed like there's there's going to be team of people no i'm english and care death and cancer first to put still should not yet i'm just saying it i think we can do it if we really wanted to get over this are and he rode river road crown until we talk about how i'm going to tony moments seriously charter of our god okay so the next segment we are going to be talking about let's go science so i urge you to write read this article because i saw the headline that made me laugh generated serie also it was so upset verse it's mental floss dot com i love int of lost so i saw the title and i was like i wanna read anymore i just want to.

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