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The anta a nta they are enjoying the fruits of him being a prominent member on right now the most popular team in the nba world the warriors are all right now mainly the best seem ever enter arguably up in the next four or five years they are going to be on the forefront of the end of basketball exposure worlwide more so than any other franchise because of the way they set up eventually lakers are going to get back there too and legs always upfront because of their brand they're still huge around the world obviously of so but the right now i would say when it comes to brand the nba brand worlwide it's lakers more is wanted to to in one or whatever and everybody else watson lie behind that in in honestly it's a really smart move for answer to of cotton quicko years ago and because there's no better publicity for them there's no better way to validate their company than an actual an american player who could be with nike reduce or whatever wearing their shoe in the finals yeah but with millions of people watching oliver world they are obsessed with basketball in china the you these guys like heroes and michael i i what i'm happy about his for the thompson family during the cash injection china for years and years and years well years and years ill list his cheques not mine 'cause i got my my treasure buried of course but nobody's irs up my point is if my when my sons are cashing jagdeo make me happy now familia abhors i shown to be successful in in financial rewards so porous that have not in force oh he's got a great a business partnership blow with antle when china right now and not over there when he goes of here for his tour for his uh enforced clinics with with the kids i mean it's got a tornado in crowd cinema clubs to guide us go to the club's house a onetime thing he probably ought.

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