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Biden blasted a former president Donald Trump today casting blame on his predecessor for the attack on the capitol that took place one year ago today and the former president is responding Mitchell Miller has today on the hill He can accept he lost President Biden never mentioned former president Trump by name but he made it clear he believes he's responsible for the insurrection For the first time in our history a president had not just lost an election He tried to prevent the peaceful transfer of power as a violent mob breached the capitol Violence from the rioting mob left at least 140 law enforcement officers injured The president and vice president Kamala Harris spoke in statuary hall where the rioters roamed through the capital a year ago Former president Trump in a statement has said that the current president is engaged in political theater that's a distraction from failed policies On Capitol Hill Mitchell Miller WTO P news Mitchell is set to interview vice president Kamala Harris about January 6th today We'll have more from their conversation later on this afternoon I'm Megan clarity D.C. police chief Robert kanti was only four days into the job when he was alerted by federal partners police were needed on the capitol grounds At that point you know my staff wrote all new to me being the chief of police So balancing all of that and ensuring the safety and security of our district residents Reflecting back on their response on January 6th which left many of his officers seriously hurt and traumatized Conti says he feels nothing but pride I mean it felt a bit overwhelming at times but man just incredibly proud that we were able to do the things that we did on that day Megan clarity WTO P news We are also hearing reaction today from area leaders such as Marilyn governor Larry Hogan He tells CBS we can either embrace the truth of what happened with the election and what happened on January 6th or we could be destroyed by lies And it's amazing to me that that many people have been misled but it's been an incredible misinformation disinformation campaign Virginia governor Ralph northam also recalls the violent day he puts it this way in a statement I never thought I would see such scenes in America as we saw that day But what was it like to be a WTO P reporter inside and outside the capitol That day Go behind the scenes with WTO P's new mini documentary You can find it at wtp dot com A winter sends another snowy blast our way tonight and we're still recovering from Monday's storm It's one 34 Mom.

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