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Amalgam is returns and read Universe but still. I think Brandon's get into shine more superman and it just these even here. We're getting what we want but we don't get enough of it and I agree we. We are getting him. We're against him. be able to do what he can do and he's not having to rely on. You know this is a superman. Returns movie like this is a Christopher Reeve. Add on no this is yeah. It's kind of Christopher Reeve. Add on but he's he's able to himself here and I I agree with you totally Would you feel James. Well the producers. You know they had. They had done a disservice to Chris Reeves on after the first two movies and especially with the fourth movie so to extend his character to Brandon Ralph's I mean insure superman returns. was by all means a letdown. Not Brandon Ralph's fault at Paul to bring him to be able to bring him back in this capacity and allow him to Become his own version of superman because he was locked into being Chris Rees but now he can be his own version And and add something more from the comics as well to his his superman You know is just it's it's great. Great I mean I was. I was kind of I. I loved it but I was also kind of upset when he was basically written. Not a destiny you. So you know anti-matter token even even at the vanishing point and he was replaced so I was kind kind of sad to see him go of course but Yeah he got he got a great chance to To shine and it's still just makes you wanting more you know people wanted more of him then not necessarily the story they were telling but wanted more. Dwarf him as Superman so it's great to get more and I mean when something's good you want more of it and I mean what are you GonNa do Your you know as Brian. Put your cheated. I don't know about being enchanted. I'm just he's good and you want more but no I've had I know you do. Aw I just I like to and Okay so yes I wouldn't be cheated because he's done such such a good job with what he was given. So it's not really cheated. It's just that's fair okay. All right here you always so as I'm watching the episode as we talk We miss something so lucifer sure makes the deal with Constantine and and says here's my card wants this devil card fades away. You'll be lost in purgatory and you won't be it would get oversold and they arrive in. Purgatory was like land new purgatory island. Whatever we always have to go back to the island because I guess it doesn't cost much money to film there and And constantly says Oh you know it won't be over you're in a won't remember us and then over tax them and all of a sudden diggers like remember who you are are had already back to normal and then somebody shows up. The I wasn't expecting that time Maybe remember member Jimbo. Specter Jim Corrigan. Yeah yeah which is which we discussed discussed referred Jim Corrigan as played by demon was his name. I didn't have his name before now. I don't have it again. They played by Lobo from the Constantine series. I preferred that Jim Corrigan allows Looks at UC Universe logo or Jim Corrigan on constantly. I'm looking at right now on that tree or something emerged. Scanlon is his name and he was Jim Corrigan. Constantine and there's a scene where he's not the specter. He's just the detective and I would have liked to have him because then it would have been like pulling somebody else from Constantine series ready as the spectre and also would have been kind of like the crypt on some still waiting for maybe a tight decrypt on. ooh Yeah Yeah for this show. Yeah I'm I'm I'm looking here guys and now it's like okay. I remember I remember the specter on constitution for a little bit but he never went full specter. He never went spectrum a he glow green. He was still just Jim. Yeah it was alluded Houston after but but it never happened separates my heart because the specter is one of my favor cares time and now I.

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