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Twenty six degrees and partly cloudy. Feels like twenty degrees. Wisconsin police are giving thirteen year old Jamie clause that credit for saving herself the missing teen was able to get away from her alleged abductor and was found by passer-by. Police have arrested twenty one year old Jake Patterson and charges of murder and kidnapping are pending. Many federal employees are reacting after opening their paychecks today and seeing zero dollars on it. They partial government shutdown is now tied for the longest US history. And there seems little movement in Washington to end it President Trump claims that have congress won't give him a spending Bill that includes money for a border wall soon he will declare a national emergency to fund it. Supreme court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is cancer free accord announced the eighty five year old is continuing to do well in her recovery from surgery last month, she's working from home while she recovers the death of an elementary school age child and Fall River is under investigation by the Massachusetts department of child and family services. The tells W H H TV there is an investigation underway in regards to the child's death Thursday night. According to a report by the herald news, the boy was eleven years old and in the fifth grade Friday morning Fall River superintendent of schools, Matthew Malone issued a press release informing the public that a child who attended the Mary L Fonseca elementary school had died. The Fall River police department declined to comment on the child's death directing all enquiries to the Bristol County district attorney's office spokesperson for the DA's office tells WBZ news, the DA has no comment at this time. And a driver apparently trying to make it across the New Bedford Fairhaven bridge before the traffic arms closed found out that it's not a good idea. Witnesses at the scene say the man travelling west from Fairhaven into New Bedford tried to rush across the bridge before close to motor vehicle traffic at about nine AM this morning, whoever the traffic arm came down too quickly for the man's car. Smashing into his windshield. The windshield of the man's car suffered significant damage New Bedford police responded to the crash, but it's not clear if any charges will be filed against the driver news time now is five thirty three and WBZ FM sports, the Celtics and Bruins both in action tomorrow. The Celtics will be in Orlando to face the magic. The Bruins will be in Toronto to face the leaves. And the patriots will host the chargers in the AFC divisional round of the NFL playoffs on Sunday..

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