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On those articles timely Seles Sarah fox news only the third impeachment trial in the history of the United States has come to a close the Senate voting almost entirely along party lines to exonerate the president on two articles abuse of power and obstruction of Congress Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told reporters he things house speaker Nancy Pelosi really didn't want to move forward on impeachment I'm pretty sure she didn't want to do this but the fact that she was pulled into this direction against what appeared to be are political insects a year ago underscores that this was a purely political exercise Senate democratic leader Chuck Schumer slammed the Republicans for voting to acquit the Senate turned its back on the truth on a fair trial on doing for the founding fathers would have wanted us to do the only Republican to break ranks Utah's Mitt Romney my promise before god to apply impartial justice record that I put my personal feelings and political biases aside Ronnie voted with Democrats on the first article of impeachment both voted with Republicans on the second article the results of Monday's Iowa caucuses still not complete and there have been more errors today they had to redact results they posted mid afternoon and issue a correction after the numbers reportedly allocated state delegates that should have gone to senator Bernie Sanders to former Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick someone's with Warren support actually went to Tom's dire they did however post the correct information afterward boxes Jackie Heinrich in the mall I with that ninety two percent of precincts reporting former south bend mayor P. but a judge is still in the lead America is listening to fox news I'm so sorry to hear about your brother's heart attack thanks he's okay now but it really got me thinking about my family you know could my wife still pay our mortgage if I had a heart problem okay my kids to go to college that is really scary yeah you should call my life insurance agent health thank you when I got life insurance for my family last year these saved me forty one percent versus any other company I looked at forty one percent that's huge yep hello thank you start by shopping everyone with a top thirty life insurance carriers to make sure they can get the lowest retail.

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