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Dr Trays. Wife is not getting divorced without a fight. She's minute hero. She's my Shiro because she's challenging their prenup and one billion dollars said billion with a B. is on the line Nicole young filed legal obtained by TMZ in which she stated the Dr Dre is now worth a billion dollars than before they tied the knot she was extremely reluctant and felt pressured to sign. The PRENUP. She said two years into the marriage Dr. Dre told her he was ashamed for pressuring her to sign it and he tour up multiple copies of their pre nup in front of her what do you think about that Steve? You'd think this is GonNa hold up in court what do you think I don't like getting in people's personal biases coming on the body in mind What we talk about this bill you know. That's what it's about. Damn show habit even. In a large part of that building's going to be a lawyer. Abloh so many times. Just can't see him winning. I don't know. that. Wins in court. Now I'm pulling for you drink but. I'm pulling. Is he going to be back onto? The summit. They. Take Dismantle Empire from him. Okay. That's out. The question doesn't offered, but you would. Be Five hundred million dollars is a lot of money. No, no, they hate him half. worked. Noble Billion Hey. Look how many lyrics she? Right. Okay. MIC. So see. All right. Got To work again. All right. Okay. All right. Twenty million. All right. No I mean I'm not gonNA. You know. Where they get to sniffing it then. I say have. At twenty. We go into court BOB run at. USC. Turn my nose up at it. Up I think I think what they'll do is they'll reach some type of settlement. But it depends on what prenups too. I think half very fair now have. No. Well. We can all have our different opinions. Got This same. Old. Shirley. Racist was media. Very, show. No no no no you very, very bigoted. And matter. Of fact surely strawberry you're racist towards black men. Wall Hey. Well Mug he she helped him build his empire saying. You don't counter like she didn't contributor. No I'M NOT DISCOUNTING S. Mother of his kids is that true? Thank you. Together forever. Together forever it's just going have to be some type of settlement she can challenge it. Added a settlement is not hey it. Don't matter it. Don't matter about pre-nup Jim you can. Once you come to court, you can argue anything. Now what happens is they bring up stuff in court to help you see a way out of this premium right and I'm going to be some type of settlement because some stuff can you say just to enter? Legal Man. I'M Legal. Fees paid as well. Thank you. Twenty two. Remain. Thank you. Thank you. We're moving on. Thank you guys. We're GONNA, check you with missing. Mystery wrote this right here Wiesenthal train. Right there business. News. K outside with Shirley Strawberry. That's right. Okay. This is an the news. A massive explosion shook the Lebanese capital. Beirut. Yesterday was horrible killing at least one hundred people injuring over four thousand other people that caused widespread damage across much of the city much to say looks leveled from a bomb in fact, civil hospitals were so damaged that doctors was seen ministering to the injured on the streets local authorities say the blast took place near Beirut's port where some highly explosive materials were improperly stored of but officials say might also have been an attack. The cleanup meanwhile has begun in North Carolina in the wake of hurricane turn. Tropical Storm Isa but Governor Roy Cooper is warning residents about taking precautions. Cleanup continues. Don't forget that the pandemic is still with us. So help your neighbor, but do it safely where you mask keep your distance and bring your hand sanitizer, and that goes for everyone everywhere that was affected. Okay. At least six fatalities have been reported due to the storm where out of Saint Louis, Missouri prosecutors will not charge of former COP named Darren Wilson Shooting Eighteen year old college bound Michael Brown the death and Ferguson in two thousand, fourteen, Michael Brown was unarmed. He was shot to death in the back but who's white on August ninth. Twenty Fourteen Wilson claim he feared for his life even though Brown was walking away from him, his parents, they have Michael Brown's parents as you would think are devastated. Okay and the hits keep coming Michigan Republican State Senator Tom Barrett a bit of a cove nineteen Denier who even sponsored a bill to limit Michigan Governor, Gretchen whitmer emergency powers which included making mass mandatory. He wrote a bill to get rid of that Barris now learned he has tested positive for Covid, nineteen US Justice Department's awarded thirty five million dollars in grants to secure safe housing for survivors of human trafficking that money to go to organizations. In thirty three states, the grants are designed to covered Renton Utilities and security deposits not just for one year but for several years actually. So that is just out the US Justice Department thirty, five, million dollars in grant money. So the grant you don't have to pay back and the president has signed the measure into law that allocates millions of dollars for various conservation and maintenance of the national parks and public lands. The bill had bipartisan support Republicans. Are Claiming victory for the Democrats say we wanted to and environmentalists say they really love it this so happy finally Kanye. West has dropped out of the presidential race. Connie, with its petition to be under jerseys, Bali reportedly no longer pursuing the White House now back to the Steve Harvey Morning Show you're listening to. Morning Show. You guys. All everybody. All right.

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