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Are stressed for long periods can transfer that stress under their dogs. According to a study published in scientific reports Swedish researchers say they studied nearly sixty people who own border collies or Shetland sheepdogs. They examined hair from the dog owners and their pets and looked at levels of the. Hormone cortisol, which is released into the bloodstream and absorbed by hair follicles in response to stress. They found human and canine stress levels were in sync, and the owners are influencing the dogs rather than the other way around the scientists say everything from depression, and unemployment to excessive, physical exercise can influence the amount of cortisol found in hair. Researchers now plan to investigate whether other dog breeds will react to their owners the same way. Actress and model Elizabeth Hurley leads today's birthday roundup seen most recently in the nighttime drama, the royals on E dreading balcony pairs and his fielding angry and abusive texts. For her mother early fifty four comedian Bill Burr is currently starring in the animated series. F is four family on net flicks. I actually decided to a cartoon because you can get away with more. And also, I did like those one camera shoots and those people work like twelve fourteen hour days is hair, makeup and wardrobe. It's not quite how it works. He's fifty one and Gina Gershon. Currently plays jug heads mom on Riverdale after the two characters were reunited come to Toledo for the weather. What's going on? Why didn't you cloney tell me you're coming? Last time I call it to you told me, I couldn't come well as a different time, she's fifty seven and that's our birthday round up for June tenth. I'm Bob Kessler..

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